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Last concert you attended?


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The Aquabats with Suburban Legends on Friday night! Was a VERY fun show even if it was overcrowded and I got heatstroke in the pit and pretty much collapsed... but besides that it was awesome, and I am probably making this sound way worse than it was.

Next up is Ska Luau 3 on December 30th, 2012 then the Toasters in January!

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I saw Enter Shikari on December 11 at the Glasgow Barrowlands for their UK December tour. First time seeing them live and they lived up to their "let's go ape $hit on stage" performances.


Would have pictures for you but they're refusing to upload. They're too big apparently, the cheek!

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Flew out to New York at the end of the year to catch My Morning Jacket play three shows at Capitol Theatre in Port Chester. My Morning Jacket does this cool thing called Spontaneous Curation, where they won't repeat songs during events like this, so no song was played twice over the course of the three shows- we were treated to roughly seventy songs over the course of these three nights.



Heartbreakin Man

X-Mas Curtain

Outta My System

Evelyn Is Not Real


The Way That He Sings

Off The Record

Steam Engine


Thank You Too!

You Wanna Freak Out

Nashville to Kentucky


Smokin From Shootin

Tyrone (Erykah Badu cover)

It's About Twilight Now




Butch Cassidy

Bermuda Highway

Welcome Home

The Day Is Coming





Wonderful (The Way I Feel)


Tonite I Want To Celebrate With You

The Dark

It Beats For You

First Light

The Bear

Rocket Man (Elton John cover)


I'm Amazed

Old September Blues

Carried Away (Carl Broemel song)

It Makes No Difference (The Band cover)



I Think I'm Going to Hell

Phone Went West



At Dawn

Highly Suspicious


Holdin On To Black Metal

Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt. 2




Evil Urges

Lay Low


War Begun

I Will Sing You Songs

Honest Man

Aluminum Park

Slow Slow Tune

Where to Begin

I Will Be There When You Die

Master Plan

O Is the One That Is Real

What A Wonderful Man

Easy Morning

Run Thru

Movin Away



I Will Be There When You Die

Victory Dance

Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt. 1

Wordless Chorus

All Night Long (Lionel Richie cover)

One Big Holiday


Too many highlights to choose from- they're such a great band to see live. I think it might have been the 25 minute long version of Dodante during the second show if I had to choose. They have a knack for stretching songs out live- something I'm usually not a fan of- but it works nicely for them. Coming into 2012 I had no idea about this band. I had heard of them, but not their material. I went to go see them at Pritzker Pavilion back in August, so I made an attempt to familiarize myself with their material leading up to that show. I was surprised, because it was nothing like what I was expecting it to be. I would say they're among my favorites at this point. If you haven't given them a listen yet, I suggest The Tennessee Fire, At Dawn, and It Still Moves as starting points. I don't think there is one filler song between those three albums.

Lowlight of the three nights was the Lionel Richie cover towards the end of night three- it's an f'ing terrible song and Lionel Richie is an awful human being. I left my seat to position myself closer to an exit for the finale as this was going on.


Lastly, Capitol Theatre was a really cool venue. Kindly, we were told that the barcodes on the ticket can be redeemed for soundboard recording of all three shows.


Lay Low -

War Begun/I Will Sing You Songs - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6x0lWMsI9

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^Yeah, MMJ is an amazing band live and absolutely one of my favorites. I've seen them twice but I'lll make an attempt to see them on every tour they do from now on. A 25 minute version of Dondante must have just been chilling, from what I understand that's a pretty emotional song for the band (especially Jim) and they don't play it live very often except for at special shows like this.


Also I love how they're not afraid to take on challenges like this as a band where they play three nights in a row and never repeat a song. They did a stand at a club in NYC a few years ago where they played like 4 nights in a row and each night played one of their albums in it's entirety start to finish. They've also been known to put on a few marathon sets at Bonnaroo and on New Years Eve. Ah, such an amazing band, kinda pisses me off a little when bands like Nickleback and Shinedown are commercially famous and these guys aren't. Nothing against those bands they're fine and have their audiences and all but half the band on the radio these days couldn't hold a candle to the Jacket live /end rant.


The lead singer Jim James has a solo album due out the beginning of February, should be an interesting project. I think when Jesus sings he probably sounds a little like Jim James.

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Last one that I attended that actually happened was Iron Maiden with Alice Cooper last July. I ran into a string of bad luck and every concert I went to last summer had a horrible storm. First one was indoors, the Maiden concert was delayed over an hour, and the last one I attempted to go to was completed cancelled due to the weather. Next concert will be next month and I will be seeing Doro.

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The lead singer Jim James has a solo album due out the beginning of February, should be an interesting project. I think when Jesus sings he probably sounds a little like Jim James.


I'm curious about the solo album. I have two of Jim James' non-MMJ albums- Tribute To (6 George Harrison covers he recorded shortly after Harrison died) and Monsters of Folk (collaboration between him and a few other vocalists). I dig Tribute To, but haven't been able to get into Monsters of Folk despite making an effort to.


Purely speculating- I get the feeling it may go more along the lines of what Radiohead does, for example. Something that dabbles a bit in electronic stuff(samples/loops/drum machines). I know there is a track floating around out there, but I'm going to hold off until the full album is released. If it's as good as Eddie Vedder's solo stuff, which is excellent while (importantly) being different enough from his day job in Pearl Jam- that's the best case scenario.


Either way, that means that he's hitting the road again in the not too distant future. I'll be there.

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Great Weezer show last night - they played an hour or so of hits, then for the second act they played the entire Blue Album. First time in 15 years they've come to Australia so the crowd was awesome, nice warm summer's night to be at the music bowl (similar venue to Hollywood bowl). Anyway hope to see the boys make more regular trips down under in the future.


It might be a generational thing but there was no sea of iPhone screens recording every song like you see at most concerts these days. People were actually just enjoying the show rather than recording crappy bootlegs for youtube! A refreshing change.

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Went to WinterJam yesterday. It was amazing.




TobyMac: Pretty good. When he came out, there was a great vibe and awesome atmosphere there. He just lit up the stage.


Matthew West: He was pretty good as well. He told us an interesting story about how it is OK to pee your pants because he would.


Red: Best performance of the night. Incredibly loud, flames, and pyro. Red was amazing and I was glad to see them live. Absolutely phenomenal.


Sidewalk Prophets: These guys were pretty good. They had a nice sound and their lyrics were great.


Jamie Grace: She was probably my least favorite of the night. She is very talented and she can sing, it just was not my type.


Newsong: My #2 performance of the night. These guys were incredible.


Royal Tailor: Very good. A more pop-style sound to them, but they sounded really good.


Jason Castro: He was awesome as well. He had a light sound, but he did an amazing cover of Hallelujah.


OBB: This was another surprise for me. They had a great sound and I wish they got to play more.


Capital Kings: I believe these guys had dubstep in the background of their music, but they made it awesome by adding lyrics.


The event was great and Nick Hall (speaker) made a ton of great points and this event really compelled me to get closer in my religion. If WinterJam is ever coming near you, I recommend checking it out.

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I absolutely can't wait for this Thursday. I'm seeing Gojira, a band that I've recently taken a great liking to, and The Devin Townsend Project, one of my all-time favorites, along with a group I've never heard of called The Atlas Moth.


So what I couldn't find any metal-head friends to go to the show with, I can still go to enjoy the awesome music. CAN'T WAIT!

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I'm actually seeing that exact same show in February. I'm looking forward to seeing how they were from you!


Also, I just bought tickets to Testament and Overkill because...well, why not? That makes three concerts coming up all within about a week of each other in February (Gojira/Devin Townsend, Turisas, this one). Hurrah hearing loss!

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Got back from the Gojira/Devin Townsend Project/Atlas Moth show about two hours ago. Holy %&@$.


After an honestly disappointing opening act by Atlas Moth, who just weren't my type of metal at all, Devin freakin TORE IT UP. Most of the songs he played were from Epicloud ("Lucky Animals" was a lot more fun than I expected, "Grace", "More!", and my absolute favorite, "Kingdom"), but he threw some Deconstruction ("Planet of the Apes" in its entirety, "Juular") and Infinity ("Truth", "War") in there for good measure. He puts on an incredible show, with juvenile yet hilarious banter throughout, a great use of projection on a screen behind him... man, so good.


Then Gojira. I was nowhere near ready for how brutal they are live, in the best way possible. They somehow sounded exactly like, if not better than, they do on the albums, and the light show, song choices ("Heaviest Matter of the Universe", "Flying Whales", "The Art of Dying" had everyone going NUTS in the pit), and their huge, angry yet passionate energy made for an amazing experience.


Overall, best concert I've been to by far, beating out Cobra Skulls a couple years back. I'd definitely go again. And THANK GOD for those earplugs! As of right now, after being within 15 feet of the stage for 2/3 bands, I have minimal ear ringing, and can hear perfectly well. They're tough to get in your ears correctly, and they do muffle the sound a bit, but it's totally worth it to not have your ears blown apart within thirty minutes.

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^ I'm now really looking forward to this show.


I also just bought tickets to Paganfest America IV. On the bill are Ensiferum, Tyr and Heidevolk. I've seen Ensiferum and Tyr before, both of which kicked ass. I only recently got into Heidevolk, so I'm quite excited to see them live for the first time.


This will also be my third Paganfest, having attended II (Eluveitie headlining) and III (Finntroll headlining). What can I say...I like my folk metal.

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I went down to Toronto last night to see Turisas. Also appearing on the bill were Phantom, Stolen Babies and Firewind.


Phantom filled in the "random local act to start the show as people come in" role. They were extremely heavily influenced by Iron Maiden, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. They were enjoyable, though slightly generic. Stolen Babies, though having a pretty amusing name wasn't all that good. They were what I would imagine a metal band put together by Tim Burton would look like. That said, accordions are metal as hell.


Firewind came out and put on a fantastic set. Hard, fast and powerful is how I like my metal to be.


Turisas played an amazing show, lasting for about an hour and 45 minutes. They sounded incredible, almost as good as they do on their albums. All of the major songs were touched on (e.g.,

, etc). They had two encores and closed the show with their awesome cover of Boney M's
. I also managed to catch a drumstick being thrown out in the crowd after the show!


The next concert I'll be at will be Gojira with Devin Townsend Project on Wednesday.


Here are some pictures!




Stolen Babies!





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