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Last concert you attended?


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Never gets old seeing people without a clue at a niche concert does it? Last time this chick was asking me what the name of the singer was........keep in mind there was only ONE band playing that night. + the "I <3 U" sign instead of the \\m//


I just got into Angels and Airwaves and i look up the tour schedule to see they just came by here last month

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I went to Gigantour with Megadeth and MotorHead on Thursday. Most insane concert I've ever been too.


I was at the show in Hamilton, ON on February 9. The only band to impress me was Volbeat. Motorhead seemed like they didn't want to be there and Megadeth while technically proficient also had that "don't give a damn" impression. I really don't care about Lacuna Coil...so yeah.


Anyway, the last concert I was at was

in Toronto on February 26. The main reason for me going was
, as I will never miss a show of theirs. However, everyone on the bill that night (the other bands being
) all but on fantastic shows. The crowd was very excited and eager to get things going quick and early. When a circle pit opens up on the first song of the first band of the night, you know the crowd is going to be good.
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The Rock n' Worship Roadshow in Sacramento on Saturday! I almost didn't go but I'm glad I did. MercyMe, Tenth Avenue North, Hawk Nelson (one of their last concerts with current lead singer), Lecrae, a few others, and Disciple! MercyMe was really good and powerful. Disciple's tour bus broke down on the way but they finally made it and MercyMe let Disciple go after them, so Disciple was last!


Here's the crowd cam!

It was really awesome, I jumped and screamed so much I could hardly breathe!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Saw Machinedrum and SBTRKT (two insanely good electronic artists) last Tuesday, and both of their sets killed.


I got there half an hour early, because I have horrible timing, but was shocked and saddened to see that there were (literally) three people in the room when Machinedrum started his set, including me. Two other guys came in when the music got loud, and they started dancing like crazy, which made everything much more fun! By the end of his set (which lasted over an hour!), there were 50-60 people in the room, a much better number to end with. Of course, all of the drunk frat guys and sorostitutes showed up for SBTRKT (completely missing Machinedrum), which isn't a bad thing, but I felt so bad for Machine. He's so talented, and he was actually the reason I went to the show in the first place, but that's a different rant for a different day. Long story short, SBTRKT was crazy good, but they played all of the songs I wanted to hear in the first 30 minutes, so I left early. That, and someone in the middle of the crowd lit up a blunt or something, and I hate the smell of weed.


Anyways, the show was fantastic; I definitely need to see Machinedrum again before too long.


The Georgia Theatre, a great place made greater after the fire a few years ago.


Machinedrum doing his thang. I swear, the entire building was shaking for an hour. His new EPROM remix is killer, by the way.


SBTRKT being generally awesome. Sampha is a phenomenal singer.


So, my next concert was going to be Real Estate, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to sell my ticket. It's looking to be that my next concert will either be the Reptar album release show later this month (if you haven't heard of them, check 'em out!), or the Beach House show in May.

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Just got back to my dorm from the Real Estate show, which I was able to go to after all! The opening band, Folklore, was alright, but not really my cup of tea. Next to play was Twerps, and they were a lot of fun! But, of course, Real Estate stole the show for everyone. They even played my two favorite songs of theirs back to back! Great guys, great music, and great stage presence. I'm going to be feeling it tomorrow morning.

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In an effort to feel like I was in high school again, I went to go see Planet Smashers in Toronto on Friday. The last time I saw them was in 2003, so it had definitely been a while. They still put on a great show, and it was nice to see live ska for the first time in almost a decade. Supporting them was some random Toronto band, Beat Down and Big D and the Kids Table. Big D is another one of those bands I loved back in the day and haven't seen in a very very long time.


All in all, it was a great show with a really excited crowd.


Here's a video of Big D and the Kids Table performing



My next concert will be Gogol Bordello at the end of May. That's going to kick some serious ass.

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Had a pretty enjoyable last weekend. Thursday night, headed out to the Troubadour to see Porcelain Raft and Youth Lagoon. Both were absolutely brilliant and I was shocked at how fantastic Youth Lagoon is live. The following morning, I woke up and drove straight to Indio for Coachella for the next three days which was great. It was my third year of Coachella and probably the best.



- Dead-center rail for WU LYF

- Dancing onstage at Machinedrum's set

- Grooving at an empty Modeselektor set to close out my weekend.


Other notable acts indcluded: Jeff Mangum, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Metronomy, Real Estate, SBTRKT, Oberhofer.


The next five gigs I will be attending:

Electric Flower @ The Echo 4/21 (leaving now, hopefully don't miss their set)

Metronomy/Ben Browning @ El Rey 5/3

Edward Sharpe @ Greek Theater 5/4

Washed Out @ The Fonda 5/5

The Wombats @ El Rey 5/8


Also just copped a pair of Sigur Ros tickets at Hollywood Forever. Very much looking forward to that.

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Went to Coachella weekend 1 a couple weeks ago. Blew my mind! Car camped with a few friends as well and so much more of an experience doing that versus previous times when we just stayed at a hotel. So many great performances, but my favs would def have to be Dre & Snoop by a million miles and then Flying Lotus, Bon Iver, Radiohead, Kaskade, DJ Shadow, and Beats Antique in no particular order.


Next up.... Roger Waters performing The Wall live at the LA Coliseum!!!

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Last night in Baltimore was:


Rhapsody Of Fire


A Sound Of Thunder


Never saw ASOT before, but they were pretty good. The singer looks like Elissa!


Voyager are gods. They played ProgPower last year, and this is their first time touring anywhere in the US. These Australian maniacs actually rented a RV and drove it from CA to NJ! Anyway, their show was as awesome as always. Any band that plays "Kung Fu Fighting" rules.


I'm not a Rhapsody fan, so we gave them the "three song tryout" and then all decided to leave. Deena, who knew none of these bands before the show, said about Rhapsody "weren't they just playing the same song over and over?" This is one of the many reasons she rules...



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I saw the watch the throne tour in London last week and it was awesome! I wasn't sure what the crowd was going to be like since I've only really done "rock" gigs, but I had a great time.


Coldplay on Friday and Blink in a couple of weeks, I can't wait!

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