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Last concert you attended?


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Owl City with Matt Kearney and Unwed Sailor at The Fillmore Detroit last night. 3rd time seeing Owl City and it was a great show, very fun and enjoyable. Both opening acts were good and I adore this venue. Overall extremely enjoyable, but not the best show I've ever been to.

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This will clearly mark out my various favourite flavours of music:


First ever concert: Take That (shut up!)

Last concert: Linkin Park

Next Concert: Foo Fighters (1 week)


Looking to buy tickets for Rammstein, as they tour through the UK sometime next year.


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I just saw Children of Bodom at the Palladium in Worcester, MA. Really I was only going to see the supporting band Obscura, because the other two supporting bands didn't interest me too much, and from what I'd seen on Youtube, CoB, though one of my favorite bands, suck live. (Totally wrong to anyone looking at seeing them, they were AWESOME!) I was also massively surprised when Septicflesh came on, I was expecting to have to sit through them while I waited for Bodom to come on, but then they started playing with amazing force. Every time a song started it felt like getting hit by a fully loaded Peterbuilt truck. Even Bodom couldn't match that power. I became an instant fan at that point. I was still pretty "eh" for Devin Townsend though. Dude had a great stage presence, but it felt like a really heavy Weird Al kind of thing, which I didn't care for too much. Although it was hilarious when Devin Townsend made out with his look-a-like on stage and then screamed into the microphone saying "Why do I have an erection?!"



Oh, also, he played a song called "Satanic Oompa Loompas". Needless to say that got my attention too.

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I caught Impending Doom and MyChildren MyBride at Chain Reaction in Anaheim on Saturday. If there is any explanation possible, it's the fact that there is blood on my shirt after washing it still and I have a sweet black eye. We also crushed a metal box on stage. Pretty epic and nutty show. Next up is Warped Tour this Friday!


That's my type of show! Impending Doom's came around my time plenty, they've always been in a really shotty venue so I've been unable to convince my parents to see them. Would have loved to see them with Whitechapel, Oceana, and Miss May I last year.


And last saw A Day To Remember, you're all right, they're certainly worth seeing! Even if you're not a huge fan of the music.

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Nadia Ali at Vangaurd in Hollywood last night. She was absolutely stunning live and performed all of her great hits.


Quick Facts: She was the voice for for the group 'iiO' way back 10 years which had such hits like 'Rapture' and 'At The End'. She's since gone solo and has collaborated with and provided her vocals for some of the worlds top electronic artists including 2x with the #1 DJ in the world Armin Van Buuren.


Next up: Audiotistic Festival in San Bernardino, CA next saturday!

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Paul McCartney @ Wrigley Field on 8/1. I really hate using the word epic to describe things, but this was. Wrigley was a surreal, perfect venue for an act like McCartney. Kinda bummed because I'm going to see Pearl Jam for the first time later on this summer and it won't be topping this.


Also, dude is 69 years old and he played without break for around 3 hours. That just doesn't happen.

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