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Last concert you attended?


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^Yeah it was funny concert, Kim Deal would be going - okay were starting side 2 of Doolittle now. They did Velouria off Bossanova, and Nimrod's Son and Vamos off Come On Pilgrim. I think people were a bit stumped at first because not many people were familiar with their b-sides but we all went crazy when they went into Debaser.


Woah, a Pixies discussion on TPR!


Definitely my favourite band EVER. I drove to Chicago to see the Doolittle show in November. Definitely the best concert I've ever seen. Seems like it was the exact same show, except at the end they played Holiday Song, Vamos, Something Against You, Where is My Mind and Gigantic.


I haven't been to a concert in awhile, but will be seeing Wolf Parade on Wednesday, and Girls on Friday.


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Last night I went and saw the Arctic Monkeys at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando. (For you coaster nerds, that's the big Roman Colosseum that's right in between the entrances to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios)


It was a jolly good time!


Crappy cell phone pic... I was pretty close to the stage! Jolly, Jolly, Jolly!

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^Surprised I didn't see you in passing; ate at the Café right about the time they started letting people into the concert.


So, in that same vein... happened to catch the Beach Boys feat. John Stamos for the Mardi Gras concert series. Technically it was my first-ever concert, too.

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^How did you manage to go to the park last night? Granted, I never go to the parks when it's busy but holy crap I don't think I have ever seen Universal as crowded as it was last night. CityWalk was packed and the garages were almost full.



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Was there the whole day with friends; sure it was crowded, but I've seen a lot worse at other parks on Easter. (Rockit was the biggest wait with 105 minutes.) Friends only had 1-day 1-park so I went Island-hopping with my Universal Express-infused Premier Pass after 4; was there for 3 hours, saved about 8 in line. The area around the concert from about 8 onwards was insanely packed, but I didn't mind that much.


Heck, if that's the worst the actual park gets, that ain't half bad at all!

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On April 10th (this last Saturday) I went up to Hollywood and saw BAD RELIGION!!!! with The Dickies. Honestly, I can say that this was my favorite show of all freaking time. I'm still limping and I have a huge gash on my right arm, but it was amazing. Nothing I will see will beat the amazing show that Bad Religion puts on. I'll be seeing The Dickies again later this year (in July to be exact), and that's gonna be awesome. For anyone who hasn't heard of them, they're like The Aquabats (creators of Yo Gabba Gabba!) but hardcore punk style. I will forever cherish this show has my favorite, Bad Religion forever!


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Manny, yeah they did, they didn't say what it was called or anything, but it was the first song they played and it sounded EPIC! James (vocals) had the flu, so rob got everyone to sing the muppets song for him :')

It was an awesome night, just a shame about 50 people went :/

Ahh well, more for me!

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Camp Freddy last night @ Hollywood and Highland. Great show! As much as I hate Linkin Park, Chester Bennington is a hell of a singer. He nailed the covers of Whole Lotta Love, Mountain Song, and Bullet With Butterfly Wings.


For those of you who don't know Camp Freddy...They're an all star cover band


This sounds so cool! I can't believe I have never heard of this. Saw it on your Facebook and assumed it was related to NIghtmare on Elm Street.


Off to sign up on their website . . .

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Last Monday, I went down to Toronto to see Finntroll. Finntroll is a folk metal band out of Finland that sings about trolls. Yes, it is as awesome as it sounds. There were four bands that played that night (Finntroll included). Here's a brief recap of the concert:


I got to the venue at around 7:30 or so, and the opening act was about half of the way through their set. Nothing really spectacular, especially since I can't remember their name. They were a local metal band out of Toronto that were fairly mediocre. Granted, I did enjoy one or two songs they did, but nothing really stood out for me.

^ First band who's name shall remain unknown to me.


Next up was Swallow the Sun, a doom metal band out of Scandinavia (where the best metal comes from, btw). Ugh. More like Swallow the Suck. Normally, I'm not a fan of doom metal, and this really reminded me why. Slow, plodding and a real mood killer. They had one or two heavy guitar riffs that were pretty nice, but whenever something good happened, their tempo went right back to slooooooow and booooooring. I don't think I've ever been as happy to see a band get off stage as I was to see them off.

^ Swallow the Sun....boring. Enough said.


After the drudgery that was Swallow the Sun, some redemption was offered in the way of Moonsorrow, a folk metal band from Finland. All the energy that Swallow the Sun drained out of the room came right back during their first song. Fast, energetic and heavy. All things I love from a heavy metal band. At this point, the crowd started to get really into it, forming a few rough (but always friendly) mosh pits. I hadn't heard of Moonsorrow before, but I'll definitely be picking up some of their stuff now. It pays to go to concerts just to discover new bands. Awesome set. Also, their keyboardist looked disturbingly like Will Ferrell.

^ Moonsorrow was awesome. So very very awesome.


Finally, at about 10:45 or so, Finntroll, the reason we're all here came on stage. The band opened the set with a few songs of their new album, Nifelvind, much to the crowd's delight. As soon as the guitars started, the entire floor area went crazy and turned into awesomeness. They played some of their more well known songs (Trollhammeren, Solsagan, etc). They even played my favourite song of theirs, Födosagan off the Jaktens Tid album. They played until 12:45, leaving the crowd with no energy left. It was a great show by an awesome band.

^ Finntroll, ftw.


Now, for a few general comments about the whole experience. I don't know whether it's an issue with the venue, the sound crews or whatever, but whenever I see a band at the Opera House in Toronto, the vocals are always really low. Either that, or they're just overpowered by the guitar/bass. It's a nitpicky type of thing, but it can really bug me if I can't hear a specific instrument or vocals. Kind of ruins the whole reason to see a band. A huge commendation has to go the crowd who showed up for this show. I've been to a lot of metal shows and concerts in general, and this was the best crowd I've ever been a part of. Everyone was super friendly, happy to be there, polite and energetic. Not exactly the thing you would expect from a metal crowd, but its more the norm that you'd think. With shows like this, the people that go know the music, know how to behave during concerts and they know that well. I've been to shows where the crowd has actually ruined an otherwise decent concert (e.g., Motorhead). This crowd however, just elevated everything to a higher level. Just a blast to be part of it.


All in all, it was a fun night, though driving the hour home was definitely not very good. I'm going to two concerts this week (Gogol Bordello on the 20th and Amon Amarth on the 21st) so I'll probably be posting something from those shows too.

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I saw 30 Seconds to Mars this past Sunday. It was probably my 4th or 5th time seeing them, and they are still as amazing as ever. You can really tell they made their new CD specifically to play live. The crowd interaction was awesome, and getting to sing along to all the great songs was unbelievable. They even pulled about 30 people out of the crowd to help with Kings and Queens.


Best parts of the night:

- Someone trying to tell him how to spell "eh" for a photo caption he was posting on twitter during the concert, and Jared yelling back "I know how to spell eh!"

- Meeting them again.


I took plenty of video as well.


Jared Leto


Shannon Leto


Shannon on the acoustic doing his song L490


At one point I was about 10ft from Jared


Shannon on the drums again




Getting us to sing along


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I guess you could say Coachella last weekend. It was really fun, even though it was a bit crowded. Some highlights:

- Dirty South killed it

- Rusko was insane and my mind is still blown from that set

- Hot chip sounded great

- La Roux was really fun, even though a girl passed out literally in front of me towards the beginning

- Camped out an hour and a half for Gorillaz and was about five feet from the rail

- Deadma5's helmet was pretty cool and he dropped Strobe in its entirety

- Orbital. That's all that needs to be said


Hopefully, there is more staff next year and the traffic flow is more thought out. I missed Ra Ra Riot because of these problems . Took some of my friends up to four hours to leave the parking lots every night! No matter what, I will definitely be attending next year!

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^^^^What the hell did Jared Leto do to himself?!?!?! He used to be this amazing object of teenage desire and now he looks like the guy you avoid at the local music store.


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Like I said a few posts up, I had a few more concerts to attend last week. I was originally going to see both Gogol Bordello and Amon Amarth on consecutive days. However, I came down with an extremely nasty head/chest cold that left me void of energy. I basically had a choice, go to see Gogol Bordello and miss Amon Amarth or vice versa. Since I'm a much bigger fan of Amon Amarth than Gogol Bordello, I sold my Gogol Bordello ticket and went to see Amon Amarth. Kind of sad, but the good of my body will win out over a concert.


So, Amon Amarth then. For some reason, they were playing at The Opera House in Toronto. The last time I had seen them, they played at a much larger venue and I was puzzled as to why they weren't playing there again. I don't think I've ever seen the place as full as it was for this concert. While The Opera House is a decent venue, it's way too small for the band. On the plus side though, the sound equipment troubles I mentioned in my Finntroll review didn't happen. I could hear everything more or less equally...nothing really overpowered.


I arrived late at the venue because of work and had to work my way through the crowd during the opening band, Holy Grail's set. Holy Grail is a power metal band out of LA that was....interesting. It was like a mix up of 1980's hair metal, thrash and Dio-era Sabbath. Some of their music was pretty awesome and they definitely have some skill, but their stage presence seems to be done in an ironic way with how 80's they look. It kind of distracts from their music.


Eluveitie came on next. I was almost as excited for this as I was for Amon Amarth. Eluveitie is a folk metal band from Switzerland and one of my favourite bands out there. They play music with more a Celtic feel to it, and have some of the more interesting instruments I've seen from a heavy metal band. For instance, tin flute, violin and hurdy gurdy. Yes. You read that right. They have a hurdy gurdy player (she's also quite hot, but that's neither here nor there). Their set seemed to be quite short, and I was a bit disappointed in that, but they did play two of my more favourite songs, Sublime Grey Archon and Inis Mona, so that made me happy.


If the crowd wasn't already packed in tight enough during Eluveitie's set, it got 10x worse when the lights came down for Amon Amarth. I managed to situate myself closer to the front, but got rocked around quite a bit during the initial push when the band came on stage. I've got a lot more to say about that, but that will come later. As for the band, awesome. Amon Amarth is a viking folk metal band out of Sweden that is all sorts of awesome. I'm a huge fan of Norse mythology, so the combination of that and heavy metal is an instant win in my books. Amon Amarth has been touring for quite some time in support of their 2008 album, Twilight of the Thunder God (this is their 2nd or 3rd tour for the album or something to that effect). Naturally, they played a lot of stuff off that album, like Guardians of Asgaard, Twilight of the Thunder God and my favourite, Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags. They also reached back a few years to some of their older stuff like Versus the World and the amazing album With Oden On Our Side. While they were awesome, some of the guitar work was noticeably sloppy, especially during Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags and Cry of the Black Birds. But, aside from that, they played a good set with a decent hour and a half length.


Unfortunately, no pictures at this time, but I might get around to posting a few.


Now, an open letter to all 15-17 year olds who go to heavy metal concerts:


Dear 15-17 year olds at this concert,

I am glad you chose tonight to be your first heavy metal concert. I can see you're really excited and even a bit nervous. Oh, it looks like you also tried marijuana for the first time tonight too! Wow, you're growing up so fast! But you know, you can stop jumping around and screaming like an idiot between sets. You don't need to attempt to start a mosh pit during sound check in an effort to be "hardcore". Because you're not being hardcore. You're being an idiot who is ruining the experience for the older/more experienced crowd. It's fine to get excited and whatnot for a band you really want to see, but tone it down a bit. God dammit.




On Friday, I went to go see Craig Ferguson perform stand up comedy in Toronto. For those who watch his show, he's as funny if not funnier in real life. And he brought his two dancers with him. No pupppets and no Geoff unfortunately. But it was super funny. Definitely worth checking out if he comes down your way.


Coming up next: a well deserved break from concert going of any type for a while. The next show I'm going to see is Dave Brubeck as part of the Toronto Jazz Festival. Dave. Brubeck. Holy crap.

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^^^^What the hell did Jared Leto do to himself?!?!?! He used to be this amazing object of teenage desire and now he looks like the guy you avoid at the local music store.



I concur - I was in love with him in My So Called Life when I was about 15!

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