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Last concert you attended?


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Going to see Relient K for the second time on December 15th!


I dunno if this show's gonna be as good as the last, though, since this one's in a much bigger venue. The one in May was at The Boardwalk, which is a tiny room with a stage and a bar, not much else.


The December concert's gonna be in Memorial Auditorium. It'll be different, that's for sure.

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Last Monday I saw The Prodigy at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam.

With Enter Shikari as supportact.


That was a FU****NG great show. The sound was great, the lightshow was great and they played a great setlist.



Worlds On Fire


Breathe Dubstep




Warrior's Dance


Run With The Wolves

Voodoo People

Omen Reprise

Invaders Must Die

Diesel Power

Smack My Bitch Up


Take Me To The Hospital

Out Of Space

No Good (Start The Dance!)

Their Law

Stand Up (Outro)


My next concert will be Rammstein

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The last concert I attended was at the Webster Underground in Hartford, CT. It was a tiny venue in a narrow room with a stage and minimal lighting but it was awesome! the tour was headlined by Hit the Lights and There for Tomorrow and the bands went:

Oh No Not Stereo

Sparks the Rescue

Vinnie Caruana

There For Tomorrow


and finally...

Hit the Lights

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I Have been to Rammstein yesterday. 5 years after the last concert I could visit. And they are still AWESOME.


Starting with new tricks. Lighting literally the whole stage on fire from side to side. Fireworks on and above the stage, flamethrowers lots of lighting effects. I have never seen a better show.


with only 3 'calmer' songs Rammstein rocketed through their new and a few older songs.


We we're quite early and stood way up front, 6th row or about cause we were thrown around a lot.


Somebody already took the effort of putting some of the highlights in a row. so you can get an impression.


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Was at the Weezer concert on the weekend in Toronto. Looks like it will be their last stop for awhile as Rivers' bus was in a pretty serious accident the day after leaving the singer with some broken ribs.


The concert however, was amazing; Weezer just has some crazy energy on stage. Rivers was in the stands singing and dancing with the crowd, ended up in the middle of the moshpit after disappearing from stage, and was just all over the set. They did a lot of their older stuff, a few songs from their new album, and a cover of Kids by MGMT and Pokerface by Lady Gaga. They still didn't do Gone Fishing though...


I'll post pics and video from the concert later.

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I saw All THat Remains, Devil Wears Prada, Haste the Day, and Story of the year in San Diego. Lots of circle pits and big ass dudes. I enjoyed it but i think i will stay away from shows in san diego. They're too muscular for my own good. Ill stay in the OC/LA area where the large folk are far and few. Over all though the bands performances were top notch and if you're into the music and more specificially, if you're into any of those bands I would encourage you to see them.


TDWP is going to be co-headlining with Killswitch Engage so i would reccommend going to see them then if you ever see them.

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This past Friday I had the oppurtunity to go see my favorite band...for the 3rd time! I went to the Music Box @ the Henry Fonda to see THE AQUABATS!!! with Supernova and Buck-O-Nine. Seriously, hands down my favorite show ever. I absolutely loved the openers, Supernova was a band I would defenitely consider going to see again. They rocked the stage! Buck-O-Nine played three songs I liked, including a cover of Sound System by Operation Ivy, which was absolutely phenomenal. The crowd was nuts the entire show, I really enjoyed skanking and moshing to my hearts delight! Heck, I even crowd surfed for the first time, which was hecka fun. And then the highlight of my life, The Aquabats! They had an amazing setlist and Santa destroying the Giant Tortilla Man has to be the greatest moment of any show ever. All in all, I loved it and I can't wait until their next show!


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^ Yes! It was very exciting to see you finally crowd surf for the first time! I am very glad you liked it.


Anyway, I saw the Aquabats previously, and did not enjoy myself too much. I went to the show mainly because Brent agreed that if I saw the Aquabats again he would try out an industrial show with me. It turned out, however, that I actually loved the Aquabats! They performed very well, and the crowd was awesome. The venue was great, and they were more than happy to allow moshing, skanking, and crowd surfing. I was dropped rather quickly the first few times up, but people started to support me after a while.


I would definitely see all three bands again. The Aquabats are very entertaining, as well as talented. Supernova was surprisingly fun to watch, and I loved their activism about Christmas....Not "The Holidays".


Oh yeah, we saw Dan and Joey there! (Yes, the diabetic and the Jew) That was an awesome surprise.



Left to right: Me, Noelani, Lindsay, Eddie, and Brent.

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Saw TSO last night, a family friend had extra tickets so I tagged along. I have to say I'm disappointed. And not only that, highly confused on some of their takes on things. They tried to make a christmas song political by showing TVs with images of war, news broadcasts, etc. Then flags, and everyone stood up. WTF?

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I saw Green Day, December 11. They were great, I was right at the front in the mosh pit, only bummer was someone threw up next to me but luckily they didn't get me.


It was a three hour set, with most of the classics. They pulled up a lot of people from the crowd throughout the show. They even pulled up a guy and got him to sing Longview by himself, he did a pretty good job.


They were ably supported by a drunken pink bunny who moved around a lot like Tre' Cool. Jet were the support for the pink bunny and they played a set that was completely hits, and even missed a hits like Rollover DJ.


Great night, even if Billy Joe got me in the eye with a super soaker.

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