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Last concert you attended?


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The last concert I was at was Motley Crue back in March. It was beyond awesome. It was also by far, the loudest concert I have ever been to.


I'm also going to a concert this sunday. Matt Mays and El Torpedo at a small club in Waterloo. Should be a good time. I've already seen them once this year, and they were awesome. I might post a PTR about it.

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I too went to see Bon Jovi, It was at the Air Canada center, sold out , I paid a lot, it was $138. but was good seats. He started out in the crowd too.

The pictures are from my phone, they wouldnt let me in with a camara. I was playing with the zoon so some arent too good but here they are. Not in order of course.












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If I may add

...may I remind you, Junior, that if it weren't for the stupid use of drugs,
many of you Juniors wouldn't be around in the first place.


Cowboy Junkies last month, Avalon Theatre, Easton, MD. Preceded by Natalie Merchant & Dr. John at Bard College and Patti Smith at the Brooklyn Academy of Music last December. Preceded by Patti Smith, Rickie Lee Jones, Indigo Girls, and Erin Mckeown at a public radio festival in Camden, NJ last summer.

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Death Cab For Cutie, Orpheum Theatre, Madison, WI.

The opening act was the Cribs, a band that sounded an awful lot like The Clash.

Great show. It was a side stop between larger venues so it was very intimate. Death Cab got to relax a little and play some material that they normally wouldn't. They opened with Passenger Seat so that was pretty unexpected. The encore included: Marching Bands of Manhattan, I Will Follow You Into the Dark, and Transatlanticism. To cap it all off my friends and I got to meet the band afterwards. We walked around for awhile, got a bite to eat, walked back to our parking ramp, and lo and behold the guys were chatting with a group of fans. The were so friendly and in no rush whatsoever. We were probably talking to them for 30 minutes or so.

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To masochistically destroy what little cred I have...


Last night I saw Erasure's Acoustic Tour in a small venue (I was in row G). A guilty pleasure, and a lot of fun.


Like I said, I work p/t at a rock venue, so I have a Joe Satriani and two Phil Leshes coming up in the next week, then Arctic Monkeys and Les Claypool at the end of the month. And then Tatsu.

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The Raconteurs at Irving PLaza NYC. Their first north american show! completely awesome.


I'm totally envious...their first album is great...can't wait until they come back around the US.


Last show I saw was Umphrey's McGee at the Canopy Club in Urbana, IL on April 28th. Was my first Umphrey's show, and they really rage...if you get the chance, go see them...possibly the best concert I've seen. Next Friday (5/26) I'll be seeing them along with the Disco Biscuits and moe. at the Summercamp Festival in Chillicothe, IL...can't wait for some more rockin...

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Due to an extreme (and free) last minute invitation from one of my best friends (who had a spare concert ticket due to someone dropping out at the 11th hour) I went to see INXS at the Rosemont Theatre(near O'Hare airport in Chicago) last night. Scott Stapp (former lead singer for Creed opened- didn't do too bad a job actually, tho only 3 Creed and 6 solo songs). I wasn't sure if I would like the new RockStar INXS lead singer (J.D. Fortune) but they put on a HELL of a show, and most songs he sounds so much like Michael Hutchence (R.I.P.) that you wouldn't notice that it really wasn't M.H singing.) They did a half dozen songs from the new album, and 90% of all the BIG hits, and were entertaining throughout. Really tight musically. Even if it hadn't been free for me, it would have been worth the price of ticket. Happily surpised.

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Friday night (5/26) at the Summercamp Festival in Chillicothe, IL...excellent night...excellent shows.


First up was the Disco Biscuits from about 4:45 to 6:00PM. These guys were damn good, if you have a chance to see them, I would say do it. Even though it was a short set during the daytime, they still dazzled...Over the Waves, Helicopters, and they covered The Beatles's I've Got a Feeling with Brendan Bayliss from Umphrey's McGee on vocals...


And next up was Umphrey's McGee. If these guys are playing anywhere near you, go see them. Seriously, excellent band. This was only my second time seeing them, but they played a huge 2 sets, 2.5+ hours...just so amazing.


Finally, moe. was the last show of the night, from 10 to midnight...they put on a decent show, but I'm not a huge moe. fan. Definitely had a lot of ups and downs from boring to really great.


But yeah, Umphrey's was the sickness...I'd recommend anyone to see them at all costs.

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Last night I went to a rap/hip hop concert in San Francisco at the Cow Palace.


- The Team

- Christina Milian

- Amerie

- Bubba Sparxxx

- Bone Thugs and Harmony

- Marcos Hernandez

- A Bunch of other random people!



Pretty good show. We left after the second Bone Thugs song because it was getting so late. But everyone else was great, Bubba Sparxxx was damn good live. Sounded just like his album.


Thats all!


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Elvis Costello w/ Death Cab For Cutie, Fiona Apple and Billie Joe Armstrong (from Green Day) at Atlantic City on May 19th. Elvis Costello was the headliiner for the concert but the majority of people there were for Billie Joe Armstrong. Everyone around me was getting annoyed because he was the last one to come on stage and he got more applause than anyone else. Plus, everyone was seated the entire show but the second he walks on stage, everyone stood up for the rest of the show. We went to see him as well (I didn't really like the other music).

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