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Last concert you attended?


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The past 3 nights I was at Darien Lake with a few kids for the Kingdom Bound thing thats going on, I wasn't too interested in it but they made me go to a few of the performances. The bands I saw were Fireflight, Skillet and the Newsboys...I had never heard of any of 'em but they were ok, Newsboys was the best IMO.

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Hooverphonic @ Marktrock 2008!


It's a 3-day-festival in the city of Leuven. I went only one day but I had back- and frontstage passes!


The plebs, as seen from on stage :)


Me, ready for the night with my beer and my stuck-on-pass


The main stage.


This is the Old Market, where the main stage is.

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The last concert I was SUPPOSED to attend was Natasha Bedingfield, but those plans unfortunately did not work out. So instead, my last concert was Coheed and Cambria...


You can never get enough Claudio Sanchez hair shots, you barely saw his face during the show. If that's not rocker hair, I don't know what is.


The show was at Freebird Live on Jacksonville Beach, FL.


It was all sorts of awesome.


Claudio Sanchez was incredible live, he'll rock your face off with his music

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We won some weekend prize pack off of the radio which included concert tickets to see the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra play Turner classic movie stuff.


It was my GFs last day before sending her off to college so i took her, it was free.


They would play a portion of a movie and play the background music and you wouldn't even realize them being there because it was with the movie perfectly.

Wizard of Oz

2001 a space odyssey

Singing in the Rain

King Kong

and many more


We sat in a row where a bunch of people won and none of us belonged at a symphony anything, so we talked. We also enjoyed watching the fat people who sat int he middle of a section have to scoot in front of people to get to their seats where they barely fit.


I want to see Darkest Hour but I have school that night and i'm too close to graduating to mess up.



I would never pay to see this though.

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On Tuesday I brough the bf to the Cheap Trick, Heart, and Journey COncert for his birthday.


Our seats were AMAZING. Tenth Row, Center.


Cheap Trick was OK. THey had a lot of fun which made for a decent set.

Heart was awesome as always. Those women know how to rock. I will be seeing them again for sure.


And then there was Journey. They sounded great. But I swear Arnel was lipsyncing. THere were a few moments when his lips were moving but there was no sound.... hmmm.


THe other problem is the fact that the guitarists are now the "stars" of the band, and they really shouldn't be. They looked like reanimated corpses with leather skin. Nasty.



The ticke price was worth it just to see Ann and Nancy again.

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Amp-Fest in Rock Falls, Illinois. This is the 4th year for it, and it keeps getting better. The person that puts it all together says that he's going to try to get Underoath to headline next year.

The best bands were definitely Emery, Eleventyseven, The Switch, Flatfoot 56, Alakrity, and Philmont.


All of the bands that performed at Amp-Fest

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