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Last concert you attended?


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Last one I saw live was a weekend long event!! Saw Great White, Tom Petty, Black Crows,ZZ Top, Jackyl, .....a BUNCH of 70-80's bands, with a few 90's bands scattered here and there. 4 days worth! Rocked my socks off and drank my ass off!! Great time!!

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Saw HIM last night at the Electric Factory in Philly.


To end their set, a little mood music for the Funeral of Hearts


only downer was that they didn't really move around on stage much, just stood there and played.


HIM sounded great, and did lots of our favorite songs, including Wicked Game and Soul on Fire


Opening band, Bleeding Through was pretty hard metal, not exactly the same genre as HIM

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Good stuff Derek!


I've seen Bleeding Through a few times touring over in the UK, they've gone a bit less hardcore than their first 3 releases.


I remember the first time they came over here with Sick Of It All back in 2004, a friend of mine was putting them up in his house, but after the band had all got back to the house they were staying at, they realised they had forgot the drummer who was still back at the venue! I did the honours and drove back there to pick him up.

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra on Nov. 20th in Providence RI. The drummer, Jeff Plate, was a many-years-ago acquaintance of mine, and during the meet-and-greet after the show, he remembered me.


Oh, yeah, the show was effing phenomenal. Three solid hours of TSO, and the freakin' lighting truss was articulated, so even IT was part of the show (as opposed to just holding the lights up).

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Last night I was backstage security for my friend's band "Scions of Thrym" and they thrashed the place (in a good way). I actually had to take some guy home because he broke his ankle in the mosh pit; then again he was trying to slam some other guy's head into the ground, so he got what he deserved...


What is wrong with some people? A pit isn't a fight, its for slamming into others at breakneck (well, perhaps not breakneck) speed.


Speaking of which, front row for The Black Crusade last saturday!!!! Shadows Fall, Arch Enemy, Dragonforce, Trivium and MACHINE F**KIN HEAD!!!!!


was a blast! Met (and poked) Herman Li right in the ribs because he told us to (lol).



Then, friday night, had a more intellegent night at Wembley Arena. Saw Bill Bailey in all his glory and actually forgot how to laugh. Yes, it really was that funny! We weren't in the centre of the hall (if you've been), we were around the edge, but we got a much better view than pretty much anyone else in the auditorium... Good night.

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I saw Fall Out Boy in Log Beach last Tuesday. It was part of they're Young Wild Things tour with Gym Class Heroes, Plain White T's, and Cute is What We Aim For.


It was quite boring, a bunch of chick-based bands and horrible hip hop. I like Fall Out Boy, but I was just bored of all the 6 year old screaming for Pete. And I'm more into hardcore music anyway.

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Kanye West on the 1st December. AMAZING concert. Best I have bene to yet. At the Odyssey and tickets sold out in something like 10mins. Awesome sound. Cant describe the bass, it was rediculous. My ears were still ringing like 6hrs later.


One thing though was the song he dedicated to his mum. It was really emotional. There were people crying and Kanye nearly cried a couple of times. So the crowd like cheered insanely loud to boost him up.

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Hey guys, I didn't feel like starting a new topic due to the fear of it getting locked. A few pages back I mentioned a concert where I was being security. Well that concert was mainly for the Paintball Club at UPT (University of Pittsburgh - Titusville) and one of the bands playing belongs to a couple of good friends of mine; Ryan who is on lead guitar and Dylan who is on drums. While technically all the proceeds went to the paintball club, this concert would be the band's first charged admission show ever.


The band does have a myspace, but they have no digital audio recordings yet. However, they do have four videos and they're of decent quality. Now I must warn you guys that this is a metal band, so don't expect the greatest vocals, but what you should expect is some very good guitar work. I give you...


Scions of Thrym


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