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Last concert you attended?


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The Decemberists - The Pabst Theatre, Milwaukee


Show was pretty good. The only complaint I have is the lack of security. I know that may sound stupid at a Decemberists concert, butr there were a large amount of drunks. It's not like The Decemberists are a loud band either, so they were drowned out by random cheers and jeers from a bunch of idiots. They particularly ticked me off when Colin was trying to take a moment to recognize those whom lost their lives in the Virgina Tech shooting. Instead of hearing him I heard cheering from the people in front of me(at the most inappropiate time ever).

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Dont laugh...


The Cheetah Girls with Everlife - Feb 4, 2007 Honolulu, HI


My next concert will be Thursday night (4/26)...we are going to see Tony Lucca at the House of Blues! Any Las Vegas area Mickey Mouse Club fans should come out and support, his new album is great and the concert is free!

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Stephen Lynch 4/21 at the Panasonic Theatre in Toronto


This man is a GOD, he sang all the classics (Craig, Special, Priest) as well as some new material. there was so much interaction with the audience, much more than expected.


This is the second time I've seen Stephen Lynch. I once drove seven hours to Wilkes-Barre, PA to see him. I feel like such a deadhead for musical comedy. Maybe I'm a little bit special.

After all he is my idol and inspiration to take up guitar so I had to see him again. It's the best live show I've ever seen and I've seen Seinfeld and script readings of Simpsons and Family guy.

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I feel like such a deadhead for musical comedy.


Have you heard of the Dr. Demento Show? I don't know if you can get it over the airwaves up in Canada, but it can be streamed via a few U.S. radio stations (see http://www.krellan.com/demento/). His whole show is comedy/novelty music (some Canadian artists I know he plays include The Arrogant Worms, The Frantics, The Royal Canadian Air Farce, and Lorne Elliott--I have no idea if any of them are more well known up there than they are here). I also highly recommend the work of Tom Lehrer for intelligent musical comedy.


As for me, my most recent concert was Paul and Storm with Jonathan Coulton, two more artists with a comedic slant (though a lot of Coulton's work is bittersweet in its approach). That was in Boston circa December.



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Dark Tranquillity, Scar Symmetry, Into Eternity and The Haunted on the 13th Greatest day of my life, i even saw my favorite bands singer outside DCA

Quick question: Anybody going to The Download Festival this year? (a brief description on my post here)



I can't wait to do the DevilDriver circle pit!


Sunday mainstage is going to rock!!!

Sure, buy me a plane ticket and i'm there I'm seeing Devildriver on the 17th

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Just went to Coachella


Saw Rage Against the Machine front row


Red hot chili peppers front


Tiesto front


Benny Benassi Front


Felix Da housekat front


And Arctic Monkeys and many more.........it was very awesome

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Not a concert, but I watched Phantom of the Opera in Singapore. It was simply the most amazing show I've ever seen. Not even Fantasmic can beat this play!


9.5/10 (with 0.5 lost because of my POV which is from Level 4).

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I went to the 07 Bomb Concert in San Jose.


- Ciara

- Bow Wow

- T-Pain

- Omarion

- DJ Unk

- Llyod

- Mistah FAB

- Mims

- Bone Thugs and Harmony


Pretty boring show, not as good as past ones. Needless to say it was free.


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