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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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Well, after getting the bluetooth adapter, I can finally share the very few pictures I 'snapped' at Download Festival, so, heres the only two of me I got on Download weekend...


Download here I come...


Post Sunday night riot, where I got no sleep, and was part of the anti-bonfire resistance. Behind me lies where several dozen tents were, but all of them got sacrificed to the Yobbish Fire God.

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I'm the guy holding "Disney". The girl next to me is my cousin. The two other kids are our underage servants that we imported from Guatemala.


Six Flags all the way baby!!


EDIT: For the record... Disney parks RULE!! Disney the company in general sucks. For whatever sense that makes. Keep in mind, Eisner was top mouse when this picture of me was taken.

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^ Well, as long as you explained yourself, lolol.


"for the record..."


Here's me with the first attempt at bandaging a 'snipped tip' when my left index finger and scissors got in the way of each other outside, last Thursday afternoon.


And just a few hours before we were to see the latest Cirque de Soleil show here, Varekai.


We did did make it and saw the show, and enjoyed it too, with the good 'first bandage attempt,' later made better the next morning, thankyou local clinic, kiss kiss.


The new bandage covers it muuuch better now, thanks.

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^Nice hair, mine used to look like that but darker!!!


Me and my best friend in the world, Haley. She took it, and because she's short and Im so tall her face kinda got cut off! This was taken on my birthday...


Colin C


Do you like my beads? Hahaha!

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