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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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I haven't posted any of me for a while so here's another pic of myself...(I can't seem to find much of me on my computer...mainly because I'm always taking the pictures )


I slid so fast that I ended up rolling over...that's what happens when you slide on your back and push off the wall up top.

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^^OMG those things are so fun. That looks like a smaller one, but the one I was on was big and about halfway down there was a... blowup tube section that hung over the slide and everyone was jumping from the top and trying to touch it. I managed to do it and ended up landing on the flat part at the bottom. It was fun tho.

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Okay, I've got a question about your last picture Socalman. The boy in teh blue shirt with those white sandel things, what are those?


I see them everyday at Disney World and wonder who makes them and if they are actually confortable. If you ask me, they look painful. What the heck are they!

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