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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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^How long would it take you to do your hair like that???


Elissa "way too lazy to even blow dry my hair!" Alvey



To be honest , When I used to do it, It was a good 2-3 hours and it would stay perfect for about a week. To do it right I used white or wood glue. I had hair like this for about 8 years, I'm lazey now, In fact I dont even listen to punk rock anymore, Gone country.

I have more of a Ty Pennington style now. Easy, wake up and go

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Erm, well heres me..im currently scanning some on ride ones from my Florida trip. However, i NEVER get the knack of remembering where the camera is, unlike my friend who Strikes a Pose on every ride


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Well I figured since my hair is **different** now here is an updated pic!


Its me sitting in the airport after missing my flight to busch gardens and having to buy a totally different plane ticket for 2x's the price of the original!


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Well, here is a picture when I got to work somewhere OTHER than Seas for awhile. Although, I had to miss Robb and Elissa at the Seas for it.


They pulled me to do Soarin' Stand-By Greeter. I look rather snazzy.

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Here is a picture of me sitting in a Honda S2000 at the L.A. Auto Show in January. This is Diana's dream car. I can't blame her---they're a blast to drive (I had a friend who has one and he let me take it out once.)


Funny thing---the car I normally drive can be seen in the upper left hand corner of the picture. Mine is a 2002 model, and it's tan.



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Just a few comments about the most recent pics....


Ras - looks like my room from when I was a teenager....of course the posters were of bands like Oingo Boingo, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, etc, etc....


Jarmor - We need you to hang with us at parks and take care of all the line jumpers!


Nursemelis - Wow! We have women on this board! (Calm down boys!)


Jeremy - You look sooo cute in your Soarin' uniform! Now when can we get a T-shirt?


Craig - Nice new jewels, man!


Eric - Is this part of the mid-life crisis?



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