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The "Picture Of Me" Thread

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Just A Few Photos of me and some friends


Me looking very happy...taken with my webcam


Me and a few friends when we went paintballing...im on the bottom right


Joe And Me for my birthday on Oblivion


Me in the summer with a friend riding millennium force

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Hooray for my friend's bathroom mirror and pajamas.


This is my Grand Island symbol, in response to the LI made with your hands.


Yeah, so I was just trying to lean over to see the yearbook my friend was holding, when the dog just climbed up on top of me and started using my boob as a pillow.


Oh, Rocky.


AND... I totally saw Mr. Six in Penn Station.

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Allright guys here are 3 photos from me on our new year's eve party...


Normaly I'm a non smoker but smoking "Shisha" is something totally different and IMO very tasty :p


ehem no I actually can not breakdance :p


Yes I actually wear a crown, some flowers around my neck and a blanket... but don't ask why^^

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From a trip into Manchester before Christmas.



Me and my friend went on the Ferris Wheel currently outside Marks & Spencers.. I didn't realise how tall it was. I had a mini panic-attack on the phone to someone..



This wasn't even at the top..


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