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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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Wow - those are really some nice photos taken of you. Really. I mean it.


Very well focussed and I mean... Wow.


Did you take them all yourself, self-timed, or others take them? It's really a good concise selection of 'moods' for a good photo resume to use, for yourself.


Well done!


(Not sure if "bathroom/powder room shots" are your best, um, 'strength' tho... Post #800!)

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Yea, I also enjoy the curls and waves as well. It just actually looked good straight. Some girls it just looks flat, others, actually has volume, yours does.


OOoo, I said volume. I love the wavy half curls, drives me crazy.

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I guess I'll grace the board with a couple more of my pics!


I was doing the christmas tree and decided to snap a few shots of me!


Hopefully these will hold yall over until I get my photos back from my photo shoot last sunday 8) !




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^Convo of the two asian ladies behind you.

"Where is the castle? Ohh there it is!!!!! :o ..... no no wait thats not it!! It was just a small leaf that blew in front of us"!! The other lady reaches down and picks up the leaf, " OHHHHHHH there is the castle!!! :shock: The leaf was hiding it!!"

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