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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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The V was because it was my first trip to Rocky Horror. It stands for VIRGIN! All the virgins (at least at that theater) went through embarassing initiations their first time

And the picture actually wasn't a surprise. The guy next to me said "Let me take a picture of your eye" so I just sat still and held my eyes open wide. I didn't figure he was getting my whole face in it! But then when he developed it, everyone loved it! Completely doesn't look like me, which is why I love it.



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^ Meh, not to me. Guess the grass is always greener huh?


I'm a fan of the extremes we get over here: I love it when we have a heatwave (never liked Florida heatwaves though, that's TOO hot, but UK heatwave is about right) and I love the snow. Anything in between just irritates me!

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^ Oops! I'm tired, guess my sense of humour chip isn't functioning too well. I've got some pictures somewhere of the view from my bedroom in the snow... I look out over a golf course which I mostly hate (stupid golfers making noise and messing up the scenery) but when it snows it's stunning. I'm hoping for a white Christmas this year!! Looks like there's a good chance!

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OK... I got the courage to post a pic. Be nice guys and girls, it's my first time. I took Teddymonster's advice and bought me some courage on sale at walmart - thx TM!!!


This pic was taken on my Thx Giving trip (today) somewhere near Sarasota FL (I really don't know where I was, I was 3000 miles from home!!!) That isn't pee on my shirt!!! I was hit by an unusually large wave, considering it was the gulf. I have never seen waves in this area so large as I did today.


A little squnity, a little wet, the pic is from a cell phone and is a bit grainy... had a blast!

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