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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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Thanks Lou, but maybe I am the sexiest guy on the trip, when I wear your pink glasses!?




I'm sure you'll be the sexiest guy on the trip anyway Sören.


(How many people off the trip are gonna send me abusive PMs for that one... )


And Chrissie, not that you don't look great in all your pics, but I would never have guessed you had a body like that hidden under there!

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^Wow, no kidding :shock: . So exactly how many more of you are there ?


lmao!!! Many many more!!! There are so many of me I plan to take over the worlddddd!!!!!!! ......BUAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....COUGH....COUGH....COUGH....cough.....cough!!!!!.....AHEMMMM!!


But anywayyysss....its funny that you mention that because my old boss said to me once"Everytime I see you, you are a different person. Your are the man of many faces!!"

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Thought I'd post my newest pic of myself here - from my Amsterdam trip, taken on Halloween Day over there.


In my new Amsterdam Dungeon t-shirt!


Definitely one of the best things about the attraction, lol. The t-shirt I mean. :?


On October 31st in Amsterdam, wearing my brand-newly-bought Amsterdam Dungeon, "Drop Ride to Doom" REAPER T-shirt! (whew)

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