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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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The first pic was taken just a few minutes ago so Julie knows what I look like tomorrow (and anybody else that is going). No I'm not an MF fanatic. I'm sporting the MF crew hoodie for this season.


The second is me getting my game face on for the bumper cars at SFOT this summer. (Sorry if I've posted this one before)


Best bumper cars ever!


Out of the pure joy of being random, I shaved my head a week ago. It was pretty long before hand.

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Me on my last day of school screwin around with my surf board. I hate how my red undershirt looks like boxers though LMAO. At that moment I was actually about to be knocked over by the boxed to the back left of the pic LMAO. One of my friends ran into them hopeing to get a better picture ,of me being tackled before I graduated.

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Craig, I was gonna post the same thing. It's like asians are 20 years behind us in finger gestures. I bet in 15 years, every asian person will be doing The Shocker in their photos.


"Two in the pink, one in the stink" :shock:


Oh, and Mr. Calcajun, may I say: w00f




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