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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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Well, since everyones posting more pictures intead of one, I think I'll post a few more.



Derek and I on Storm Runner where we rode four consecutive times! Yes, thats how great HP employees are.

I made "Silliest face of the update"

(Last two photos were from themeparkreview.com)


Me taken in the old Babb's Rink back in CT. We were given permission to go into the building to look around since it's due to re-open :-)

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^ What happend was we were at Hersheypark the night before and the following day. This was during that 7-10pm preview time and we were the last two for the seats so we got to stay on the train for the last 4 runs to get everyone a chance to ride in the front row. The last two rides, people who got out of the train found other seats and got back on, then on the final run Derek and I yelled to the rest of the group that they allowed them to come back up the exit for the final run of the night.


When we left we stopped by Guest Relations and gave an excellent report on how the Ride-Ops handled the two line jumpers, then giving us additional rides on SR at the end of the night. I still laugh when I heard Robb first say to the lady at guest relations, "I'd like to report on how awful this park is...just kidding."

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I would have posted this earlier but AOL was giving me problems (ugh, they're so retarted). But now at least I know what carl looks like


This picture was saved in paint so it reduced some of the quality but you understand who I am overall... dont let it scare ya too bad




Mr. V's "not so bright" idea!

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Here I am.


I'm probably lucky I wasn't fired after this night. I told off quite a few kids when they poked me. Wasn't in a gigly mood with a 40 pound head, and sweating like crazy.


Ahh, what you have to do for minimum wage.


And to think I wasn't even paid extra for this

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Since this is a roller coaster site, here are some onride photos, as well as one from Mardi Gras!


This is from a few weeks ago at Mardi Gras. I'm on the left, and my boyfriend Joey is on the right.


This was one of the best times I've ever had on Millennium Force because it was raining. As soon as we went down the first hill, everyone screamed not out of fright, but out of pain!


I feel so exposed! Here I'm flashing the camera on the Mamba at Worlds of Not-So-Fun.


In case you were wondering what my avatar is a picture of, it is when my friend Rachel and I wore vampire teeth on the Wild Thing at Valleyfair.

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And some photos from the Dutch Coastercrazy! :shock:



Arco @ the lifthill from Pegasus @ The Efteling


It's me in the monorail @ Fort Fun



Yessssssssss, I like ribs!!


I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it!!


Let's drinking in Colosseo @ Europapark


One of my favorite hobbies, sleeping and sleeping 8)

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Is the guys in front of you on Millenium Force doing the finger? Dosen't Cedar Point ususally replaces it with a generic picture.


Yeah it was actually some dumb girl. I think the guy at the photo stand didn't really notice until I had already bought it. That or he didn't really care. Either way, I hate it when people do that because it can ruin other people's pictures.

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