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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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^^ Nice set. My first set was a Pearl that I bought off a friend. It was probably the set, but I got rid of it for a Tama.


This is a picture of me piloting some friends around. Not that that there is much to see here in Oklahoma, I was giving them a bird eye view of "Green Country".


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So I went to visit family in Grand Cayman at the end of January, and should have stayed there... homesick and missing the heat already!! But here are some sunny vacation pictures of me to spread the sunshine to anyone else suffering from winteritis right now.


SUNSHINE! At long last!


Summer dresses in January! Whyyyyy oh why did I return to the Canadian winter?!

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This is me at La Feria Park in Mexico City

during last March's TPR Mexico Tour.

March 26, to be exact.


I think the caption's going to read: "And only 42 Calories!" (Of course the thing had hardly any alcoholic content whatsoever in it.) AND wearing my newly-earned 600+ T-shirt, and my Grizzly Gulch (HKDL) cap. (o;

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Because I'm pretty new on this forum (although I created this account in 2010, i forgot I made it ), some pics:


Back at the end of 2011, ending the season in my homepark Walibi Belgium by riding my favorit droptower 'Dalton Terror' with some friends:


Also from 2011, my first visit to Holiday Park end celebrating Expedition Geforce his 10th birthday with an ERT (thanks fkfev.de/):


And a picture of now, My girlfriend and I :

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For those attending the Canada's Wonderland Coasting for Kids event on Sunday, look for me!


These are the most recent pics of myself! I just had my portfolio photoshoot done, so I guess I'm officially a photographed model (my new career choice while I finish my post-secondary education). A professional photographer makes everything look better lol.


Headshot! :)


The "bubbly bikini girl" shot


A harsh reminder of how bad my iPhone pictures are... makes me want my DSLR back!!


Why so serious?

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^ My cousin used to play hockey (well, roller hockey) when she was a teenager. When she was thirteen she was maybe 4'11" or 5' at the most playing with a bunch of teenage boys who were mostly 6'2" or taller and she would still throw hits and knock people down. Apparently one time she took a hit along the boards, cracked 3 ribs, and didn't miss a shift. She was a tough little girl.

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^ I have a 50/60-something year old aunt who's had both knees replaced and hip problems...and she still plays hockey to this day!

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