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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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just discovered the forums exist beyond the main RollerCoaster & Donkeys one!


so here's some pics of me:


my Partner and I in Hawaii last year:


Me and Jenna Jameson at Madame Troussaud's in Vegas:


Me cos-playing as Courtney Love years ago at Dragon*con (in Atlanta)


My Friend, Painter Larry Dixon, me, Adam from Mythbusters, my friend (and Larry's wife) author Mercedes Lackey

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Last year at Knotts. ( I’m in the white August Burns Red shirt)




Worlds of Fun last year.




Well, I got sick of looking like that; so, after an intense year of dieting and working out, this is me now.




And here’s me just a week and a half ago at Verbolten!



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Ok, so here is an old picture of me. This was my 20th High School Reunion picture from 9 years ago.




Me, sitting wearing the light blue shirt. The man behind me was an old grade school friend, and the man to my right was my other half. He died 2 months after this picture was taken (brain tumor).

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I have a pic from this past summer when my best friend Matt and I (blue Hollister shirt) went to Six Flags America. This was his first park since he was 17. Lets just say he now is a Club TPR Member and already has his season pass to Six Flags for next year. I got him HOOKED!


Matt and I

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