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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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Speaking of Nikki Sixx.


Last summer, my bestfriend's stepmother, who is a massage therapists at a 5-star hotel in Montreal, got Nikki Sixx as a client. He was really nice and talked to her about his kids, showing her the tattoos he had on his legs of them. They talked music and even suggested some bands, including Sigur Rós (I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he liked this band.)


My friend and I got to see him in concert later in the night. Mötley Crue still puts on an amazing show.

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Yeah there both really weird pictures, but I also got a WAY different haircut [Your hair looks way better BTW], and probably the shortest its been in years!










Edit: Me wearing that shirt in the second photo is a coincidence. I am not obsesed with Belize... Ok maybe a little bit

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Haven't posted here in a while but anyways, here's a couple recent ones of me.


Me at Nocturnal.... which was legendary BTW.


My friend and I at Nocturnal Festival in San Bernardino, CA this past weekend.


My friend and I walking back to campus.

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