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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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^Is the tree attacking you, or are you using it to fight off a marauding horde of rabid bears?


I'd post pics of the Meteornotes office xmas party, but it would pretty much consist of me and the cats falling asleep on the couch while watching football. So, um, not very exciting...



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Here are some pics of me that span from me as a baby, to me this past August before I moved into college in LA.


Finally, my mom and I in Vegas, which was our last stop on our cross-country drive to LA.


Me at the Grand Canyon. Also on my drive from NJ to CA


The Tourist shot! Me at Holiday World, which was the 2nd of 6 parks I visited on my transcontinental drive from NJ to CA for college this past August.


My friends made me do a model shoot in a bar in Paris on our AP Art History trip my senior year/last year.


Me on 'X' 2 years ago. This was a side adventure from all the college tours I was doing at the time.


Me and my Sis on the Patriot at Castles n' Coasters in AZ probably when I was about 4.


Clearly my desire to be turned upside down started at an early age.

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