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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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I have a few pics from volunteering from the Miami AIDS Walk last weekend. I had the privilege of escorting actress Jane Lynch at the event, making sure she was at the designated spots and getting her anything she needed. It was a good day and I believe so far the event raised $300,000.


I didn't start with the banner but I sure ended up with it! Jane did the entire walk through South Beach...I acted a pure fool keeping everyone entertained, but my feet were killing me afterwards! I enjoyed the day nonetheless. Jane gave me a big hug before she left and thanked me for my help. She's pretty cool!


The walk starts and I snap a quick picture...


After a bunch of people asked to take her picture, I said "I want picture too!"


In case you don't know who Jane is, this is her from the "40 Year Old Virgin". She been in a lot of TV and movies as well. The director was reading her credits and after a few minutes, Jane ran to the stage and said "Ok! Ok! That's enough!" :)

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^Nice pictures!


Here are some pictures of me and new friends I've made in New Hampshire from last weekend!


me and my american roommate drinking German beer! my parents sent me a case through the mail! :-)


smoking is bad, yes! I know!


me on the left, my roommates, and my ex (the guy second from the right) haha. I love this picture.


my sister (in the middle) and me... she came to visit me in New Hampshire this week!

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