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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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wow you met robert!


how did you manage that one?.


i live the cure.


Myspace of all things! The picture is from 2004 and like 2 nights before they I met the band I was surfin' Myspace. I came across a profile with some 30 something year old lady who's interests said Home & Garden Network and The Cure. I was all over it because I love Home and Garden as well for some odd reason because I don't own nor do I garden. Anyways I was planning on camping out to see the band on the Tonight Show and I asked the lady if she was going. She said no because she was working that night. Then I asked her if she was going to go see them be inducted to the Rock Walk of Fame on Sunset Blvd. She said, 'Actually i'm working it! I'm in charge, do you want VIP and I said yes! There was only about 30 people back there! I got to spend 4.5 hours with the band, took loads of pictures, it was amazing! I've been a Cure fan for 20 years so I was so excited! I had 2 Cure tattoos and I had Robert sign my arm under the 2 tatts and after the event I went to a tattoo shop and hit his autograph tattooed on myself! I can put a picture up if you want. I've gotten to meet him 4 more times since and he actually remembers me! He was talking with a group of people and he saw me and interrupted himself to say hi to me! Right after I took that picture above I walked away calmly and just burst out in tears Michael Jackson fan style, it was embarrassing but I made sure to be calm when I was near him. Are you gonna go see them in June? I'm counting down.

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Here's a picture of me and my friends making a deformed pyramid at the local Sonic. I'm the one on the bottom left with under the girl in orange (who was pinching my neck! )


Gee, I take some stupid pictures... lol


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Here is me with some special effects in the pictures to make em' look cool.

I don't think it looks so cool, but it's better than my real face.




Last, and probably least, one without special effects. I don't remember taking this so I was probably sleep walking. ;)


Me, and in the background, my best friend Perry.


Me singing to 'The Show Must Go On' by Queen.

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