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[RCT2] Budapleasure

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I'm surprised I never advertised this park at this site before. It's almost three years in the making now.


It's a relatively small map, containing 60% of city and 40% urban park.





This one is new:




Enjoy! Comments are appreciated, and I don't mind harsh criticism.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I have always loved yours building things, they've always looked realistic.

It looks very beautiful, as always. The third picture reminds me a lot your amazing "Legacies Themepark : Europe". And that's actually a good thing.


I'm totally impressed by yours creations.

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More than eight years after starting this park, it is now closer to being finished than ever before... It's going to be 2016, guys.


It's a mix of Tivoli, Bakken and Vidampark, in a reimagined Budapest. I've never been to Budapest so it's not meant to be accurate.


Some of these screens are a few months or years old, so things might look better in the released version.






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