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Photo TR: Expedition Expedition GeForce


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Great TRs, guys! I hope GeForce is still running as good as before (it's still my fave coaster, based on my 2007 and 2008 visits). Too bad it wasn't running for us in July - but hey, I think that actually worked in our favor, since we all got to go to the Kiliani Volksfest.


And Spinning Racer looks great! Hope I get to ride it at another German fair. I think a Sausage fair would be perfect for a future TPR trip.

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Glad you enjoyed our TRs, Ryan! GeForce was just ridiculously good!! The ejector air on the first two hills was just so sustained, and also - as a direct result of the first trim disappearing - really strong on every single other hill, including Stengel's Bückel S-hill! We just couldn't believe it!! GeForce is back on top form for sure. It was without doubt the best I've ever ridden it, and I've been there almost every year for the last six years. Here's hoping that it continues to run as well in 2011 - if it was running so well on a not particularly hot day (although the wind speed was really low for the most part, which does seem to make a difference), who knows what it'll be doing in the middle of next summer?!


Spinning Racer is definitely a must-ride travelling coaster, I'd say!

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