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Redline Park [RCT2]

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It's an ok Intamin by far. But by the way your BUNDY COASTER WOODEN SUPPORTS ON A HYPER B&M LOOK MAGNIFICIENT!


Well, thank you for your input. Shame it's not a valid point.


Why is that there? Because I like to see box-girders on a steel coaster- especially one trying to emulate a wooden coaster without the capacity loss of it. I don't recall that structure ever being listed as wood. But who knows. I've only been playing it since the release day of RCT1 Version 1.0 back in 1998.


But I might be nuts on that one.


Just so you know, QueerRudie is playing for the fun of it, and not for realism per say. This is still a game, you know.


Thanks! I think I've tried to put that point across in the previous pages- but a reminder is always appreciated!


For those who have been following this thread, it's not dead- I've been VERY busy with work these past few weeks- but I'm taking time off over the next few weeks to build again... Expect an update just before/just after X-mas.



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I love your dueling hypercoasters. IfI may make a suggestion on that hotel, personally I think it would look a bit cooler if you added another tower on that flat space, but that's just a personal opinion.


Hey! Thanks!


I had considered adding a forth tower to the Casino building, but the time it took me to build the first three, well, I did get a bit lazy there...


It's a bit late, I'm afraid, to add the 4th tower; the Casino for the most part is outside the park's boundaries- and since I don't use CS/trainers on my games, unless I go back and re-do the level (FROM THE BEGINNING!) it can't be added. Oh well, only 2400 rooms in this resort, I guess... LOL


I've been toying around with an idea for the next set of coasters for the park. Right now, I'm thinking of taking a page of inspiraton from USS and doing a racing/dueling Inverted/standard looping coaster in the StarPort 75 area- but it's still in the root stage right now.



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Hello once again,


I haven't forgotten about the RedLine Park chain- but work has been tying me down tight as of late. I have been working on an 'in progress' project for proving some concepts for a potential future park... RedLine Park.. 3D.


Yes, you DID read that right. I decided to dust-off the old RCT3 disk, and give it a go on my new computer, and did some interesting experiments with my newest concepts. So far, I've only been working on proving concepts in this park, rather than actually building it out to full scale- but if I do decide to go full-scale, it will be based heavily on this prototype park.


There is no real theme to this park, as I've been playing with scenery and settings, etc. to build the park up, as well as playing with peep movement, spending habits, overall rider usage, and capacity- simply to get a feel of how the game will run in a full RLP configuration. So far, my experiments on the park have resulted in some success, some failure, and some redesigns and re-runs of this park's basic layout.


Here's a collection of shots of proposed attractions, rides and related for the park. Mind you, this is only a concept test- and not a full RLP Project... Yet.


There are four six attractions in the 'starter' Midway: A B&M standard looping, known as the Flyer, the Merry Derry Dip slide (Yes, the name DOES come from HersheyPark), The Regurgitator (A Chance CHAOS), Octopussy (Huss Octopus), Scrambler (Eli Bridge Co. Scrambler), the Reese's Cup Spin (Teacup themed after confections). Various assorted stalls and booths are also setup for food/souvenir and guest needs as well.






At first, this was considered for the starter layout. You can see the intial attractions in this picture, and the start of an open-loop layout.


In this shot, I've made a basic B&M Looping coaster- sort of my folly on the art of it-


A look at the -very- spartan station for the Flyer.


A basic look at the double 'tilted' loops. Why? Because I like them. That's why.


A backview of the double tilt loops, and the block-brake.


A split screw. I had planned to make a 'standard' double screw, but decided this fit the layout MUCH better.


In this shot, we see the entry midway, which has four flats.


With the park open, the Flyer quickly draws quite a crowd...


Hmmmm... Skinheads, in a RLP property? No... never.... hehehehehe (Some of you will actually get this in-joke)


Even the Merry Derry Dip has a line..


this coaster was a prototype that I tried for an UHC coaster in RCT3... It rode great, but really wasn't all that I wanted it to be.


Other attractions are added and removed to check for fit, theme-ability, and overall looks. Here is an S&S Flyswat.


Another view of the midway.


Hmmmm... We do travel in packs, i've noticed...


Hmmmm... Could one of these fine gentlemen be perhaps... ME?


Another view of the Flyer queue with a bit of the crowd having moved on to other attractions.


But the lines DO return... ANd there's a whole bunch of friendly folks waiting for it...


Here, you can see the nice guys from the band "Rancid" visiting RLP 3D.


Here is the VDM from B&M... and i think I'm going to take a spin on it...


An overview of The BLACK HOLE/The PLUNGE coaster. Most of the track for this ride is buried underneath the park, simply as I didn't want to futz around with the layout.

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Hey Dmax- Yah- long time no see...


I've not gone away from RCT2... More of a hiatus for the time being, as I'm really busy with work- and the RLP chain does tend to take up quite a bit more time in thought and process... but don't worry- RLP Houston will be back in a few weeks or so...


I'm still refining the RLP 3D projects- and I've got a few ideas I'm working on for a future design change to the park itself to allow for more room, and better guest flows (I'm finding I've got a SEVERE problem with bottlenecks at some attractions- and yet others end up with mega lines where they shouldn't have them).


Hoping to get to work on them in about 10 days- got houseguests arriving from Milwaukee on Monday- so even the RLP 3D project will be shelved for the time being!


BTW: Do you have any knowledge of how I could make custom signs for RCT2? I'd like to make Guinea Pig pictures etc. for RLP's mascot!



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Greetings to my follwers of the RLP chain.


I have some very sad news to report. After the sixth attempt to transfer the original park's into my new computer, I realize that it's not to be, and that previous parks are now no longer able to be used. I'm sorry for this- I was having a great time with RLP Houston, and it was working out so very well- and I appreciate everybody's feedback and encouragment.


Sadly, I've not decided to go back and re-create these original RLP parks- It took nearly two months of great effort to do them, and I'd like to leave them as they were: very good memories of parks I really had a blast building and tweaking to make them work better.


Instead, I'm starting all over again.


In this update, I'll be covering the opening of RLP San Mateo, a park that really has no goals other than to satisfy my needs for my own park. All the rides, food, etc. in this park are based upon this premise: "If I had XXX amount of money, what kind of park would I build? How would I do it if it were all mine? Could I bring back designs from the past to encourage future growth? Is this a park I would be proud of.


So, here is the first installment of RLP:SM


This park will not be laid out like previous parks, but rather, will be an X layout- with four spokes, four train stations, and no 'loops' to the layout- this was done as I don't plan on having too many smaller flat rides, and sticking with larger coasters, water rides and tracked attractions. The basic layout of phase I follows that of all the other RL parks, with the Shuttle Loop (American Revolution), an Enterprise (Apple Turnover), a spinning flower ride (Dizzy daises) and the ubiquitous 2Tone Plunge (Intamin Rotodrop). Some things are now laid out a bit differently- i did tweak the path dimensions a bit, to allow for better use of space between rides, and better flow of the guests to the different rides. My Scenery set and design is still the same- that part I liked in previous parks, and I decided to keep it within my own park.


Enjoy- and I'll be building more park in the future.




Initial design and construction begins with the Main Gate, and the re-designed berm to hold the future in-park transport system.


The gardens and related items are added to the Main Street area.


The park's first rides are added, and the park is opened to guests. Here you see American Revolution (Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop), Dizzy Daisies (Spinning flowers ride) and the Apple Turnover (Schwarzkopf Enterprise).


An overview of the lands as they currently stand. The hills in the background are already spoken for...


2Tone Plunge is added, and queue coverings follow for it.


Here's the overview of the 2Tone plunge attraction, with the appropriate treeing and greening of it.


Dizzy Daises and Apple turnover get their scenery and coverings.


Trees are added...


More trees are added. (Gee, big surprise, right?)


American Revolution get it's coverings- and yes, I did go over-the-top with the whole Red White and Blue theme.


An overview of American Revolution, once it's treeing up has been done.


Phase I is complete. Is that Ron Toomer over there next to the Dizzy Daisies?

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Dateline: RLP San Mateo...


As I've been working on the RLP properties- including a new park beyond the RLP San Mateo property, I've begun to refine and make some basic changes to RLP:SM. First, I went back and re-started this park, simply as I wasn't happy with what I'd started the game with, shop and scenery wise.


The basics of the park are unchanged, as are the coasters, but I've done some 'cleaning up' and re-theming of parts which will reflect in this update.


As I've noted a lot of people have been asking for my scenery skills to be more 'complete', I've gone through on a few of the attractions and added more thing such as walls, hedges, and some other elements I've not done in the past. It's not that I've gone back on my simple style, but rather, because I wanted to try new things.


In addition, I'll be releasing the tracks for some of the coasters in this particular park for public consumption as well- so enjoy!




Here the 'revised' park shall begin- as the park's basic layout and ride assortment hasn't changed at all! What you see in this pic is the construction of Turn Of The Century.


The top of the lift and the turnaround.


A look at the back side of the 'hill runs' over the block brake.


Let's get Screwed. The ToC's layout is finished, and ready to be tested.


Turn Of The Century is finished- and the park is ready to open up.


A train of happy people goes inverted!


An overview of the park's first Phase.


The park has been built out for future expansion. The first generation SkyRail monorail is added to help take some pressure off the existing park till the next major expansion can be completed.


Mr. Mouseburger has ordered the construction of Ginn E. Pigg's World first. He's also instructed the RLP chain to add a Ginn E. Pigg world to all parks. Here's the Carousel and Circus.


"WHEEET! WHEEET! WHEEET!" Yes, folks, it's the return of Ginn E. Pigg's Farm Adventure.


Coverings and scenery are added to the Carousel and Circus attractions.


Ginn E. Pigg's Farm adventure has grown rapidly. Part of the scenery is now completed.


The wheat field is added, as is garden groves.


The finished Ginn E. Pigg's adventure.


An overview of RLP:San Mateo at the end of Phase II construction.... But who's that over next to Ginn E. Pigg? It looks a LOT like Michael Boodley...

American Revolution.TD6

The American Revolution: A Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop, optimized for capacity and thrills.

Turn Of The Century.TD6

A re-creation of the Turn Of The Century from the Mariott's Great America Parks.

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Dateline RLP: San Mateo.


After Ginn E. Pigg opened, the park experienced a surge in traffic, and I decided to add another attraction.


Introducing: Galloping Gopher, a GCI wooden twister with low-to-the ground elements, tunnels, and a station fly-past element. The ride itself was originally concieved to be a junior coaster, but I really didn't get a ride I was satisfied with. So, I expanded on the original ride concept, and made a larger and more family-oriented, yet still thrilling attraction.


OK, OK, I hear the complaints now. Why Galloping Gopher? Well, to keep the continuity up of Ginn E. Pigg's world, I didn't want a name that clashed with Ginn E. Pigg, which sits opposite of Galloping Gopher. Wildcat was too repetitive, and the idea of having a 'ride' that could eat a Guinea Pig, well, that just didn't fly with me.


3 GCI Millenium flyer trains grace the course of this particular wooden coaster, and with plenty of speed, hills and curves, it's sure to thrill everybody.


Enjoy, as I'll be on Hiatus for the next week while I go home to San Francisco.




A first look at Galloping Gopher. This is the first drop, and the ground curve element.


The completed Galloping Gopher layout, before scenery/theming is added.


The brake runs are covered, and the track for the flyby of the station is enclosed. Additional structure is added.


Trees are added in, a tunnel is added, and part of the ride is ready for testing-


And HEEERE they go- A train of happy people takes the plunge on Galloping Gopher!

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After months of political wrangling, the RedLIne park chain has announced the commencement of the new RedLine Park Omaha facility.


You will notice a number of key improvemements to this RLP over others in the past. First, more attention to visuals has been paid- that is, I'm doing more finesse detaling of things like the entry plaza, as well as different types of buildings. These will be phased in as the park grows.


In this update, we will cover the iniial construction, as well as the opening of the park, and the first two expansions.


First, let's take a look at the Entry Plaza area.


Here, I've decided to make it more 'true to form' for an entry plaza, complete with ticket booths, guest services, et al. The design is loosely based upon the Duell Associates park designs of the 70s, but is really my own completeion efforts.



The first thing done- the entry plaza ticket booths.


I added fountains, but due to the layout of the park, they are outside of the 'ticketed' area-


The entry plaza approaching completion; Administration, Restrooms and Guest services are added.


The finished Entry Plaza area, tree'd and fenced, etc.


The basics of this park are similar to other RLPs in the chain. However, the park has a few nice things for visuals- including a small stream and a nicely-sized lake as part of the design. These are going to be used with other attractions.



An overview of the Project Omaha site.


As with all the RedLine parks, streamlining of the park's inital construction means that things are kept on the cheap till the park begins to make money. Here, the first two rides have been delivered and installed.



LoopingStar from Schwarzkopf, and Enterprise, from Schwarzkopf are added, and the park is opened for guests.


Some theming and building construction is then started. I like to cover my queue lines- as I hate sunburns. Not that the peeps mind- but I tend to think of myself visiting my own parks- and any type of shade is appreciated!



Enterprise has a shaded glass roof for it's queue, and boarding around the base to cover up 'unsightly' things.


The queue house and platform for LoopingStar. I'm really unsatisfied with how it looks; it just doesn't feel quite right to me- yet.


A RotoDrop tower from Intamin A.G. is added, and, much like the other RLPs, it too is the traditional 2Tone Plunge.



An overview at the end of Season 1; 2Tone Plunge is installed, and yes, it's the revenge of the RLP trees.


Towards the end of year 1, construction begins on the second park of the initial phase I construction. Here, we will see the installation of the SpeedRacer, from Schwarzkopf, and the Crashendo... Also from (Gee, you already know...) Schwarzkopf. SpeedRacer uses the lake's edge for a nifty 'spashdown' finale as well as some combination elements for thrills, chills and spills without the big bills. Crashendo is the RLP standard model.



SpeedRacer is under construction.


The completed SpeedRacer, including the 'splashdown' finale.


The end of Phase I construction opens up the second wing to the Omaha Project. Canvas coverings have been added to the entry paths and the queue of SpeedRacer, and Crashendo has the 'traditional' Shaded glass roofs.


Here's the end of Phase I construction. Future expansion will occur at first as a small 'loop' of midways to the lower left side, and then eventually around the lake as well.



End of Phase I. The park is getting popular, so the next step is to 'loop' these paths into one circuit, and add other large-scale rides.


Enjoy- RLP is back!



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RLP Omaha, Phase Ib Construction- and start of Phase IIa construction:


RLP Omaha is ready to branch out- literally- with an extension of the park's midways to the west of the entry plaza, along the southern side of the park. This extension is intended to start the gradual process of 'looping' the lake, and is the foundation for adding themed areas in the future, including those where larger-scale and more custom built rides will go.


But first, we needed to create a basic 'midway loop' of the park. This was an easy step, and actually serves two purposes:


1.) It doubles the midway path space for higher guest capacities, and

2.) gives four more mounting points for large-scale/high capacity attractions to be added.


Since this area is intended for redevelopment in the future (After the lake loop is completed), scenery is basc, matching the standards of the existing area.


Two new 'major' attractions were added: The first is an old favorite of the RLP Chain: An Arrow extended corkscrew, in the "Turn of the Century format.



Turn of the Century. Would SOMEBODY please re-build this fantastic ride?


In addition to the ToC, a Tilt-a-Whirl and a go-Cart (Known as Autopia) were added to the mix. These smaller attractions are geared to the local market, and to appease the need for more family-friendly rides and attractions.



Overhead, looking northeast. ToC is at the top, with Roundabout (Tilt-a-Whirl) and Autopia (Go-Carts) in the middle of the loop.


The other major attraction is a wooden twister in the GCI style, known as ThunderBolt. This coaster is designed to relieve capacity issues, as it's 3000 pph and large queuehouse keeps people moving.



ThunderBolt- our new wooden twister.


With these new attractions opened, an overview is due.



Overview of Phase I construction: Complete.


Not a park to rest on it's laurels, Phase IIa construction is started. This extention of the midways to the west is a bit more challenging, as the existing SpeedRacer Coaster occupies part of the land to the north of the midway. A Chance Chaos is added, and the area to the south of the midway is being used for the park's first major custom-attraction.



The midway extention for Phase IIa and IIb.


For RLP Omaha's first major custom attraction, a log flume was decided on. Contracting for the ride from Arrow Development, the park decided to go over the top with it, giving it a full-theme and matching special effects.



Our new baby: An Arrow Log flume, without it's coverings.


Land was used to build some aspects of the ride, and building structures were added for the rest of it. Most of the ride itself is fully enclosed- and portions of the journey go through scenic effects. Two turnaround tables rotate riders both back and forward. Dark sections, including a backwards in the dark drop, plus fire and mine effects complete a ride on... Hades Mountain Mining Co.



Themed up, ready to go- Hades Mountain Mining Co.


Download Hades Mountain Mining co. HERE


Next up: Finishing Phase IIa, and start of Phase IIb construction.



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This rules. Also, I cant believe I havent said so, but 2tone plunge is the best name ever. I think you should build a flat called The Mad Skanker or a boat ride called Night Boat To Cairo or something, but I love everything so far. Your layouts, particularly the schwarzkopfs, kick ass!`

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