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TPR's EPIC Oktoberfest Trip Report!


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Wild Train looks awesome as always. It's a shame that more crazy, obscure European coaster manufacturers aren't more like PAX and less like, I dunno, Soquet.

(I'd link to Soquet's hilariously amateurish website here, but since the last time I checked, they've updated it to look like it wasn't designed in 1996 by a committee of second-graders.)

(It still looks pretty bad, but not this bad.)




Nice trip report as usual, and one that I'll be looking forward to reading the rest of in the next few hours. I have plenty of catching up to do -- in fact, I just rediscovered this website a couple days ago, as I live near Cleveland and, uh, certain events were transpiring. Good times.

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I wish fairs were like that here. We only have stupid county fairs with ghetto rides...


Alpina Bahn looks a little rough judging from your video, whereas Olympia Looping looks pretty smooth. How are they holding up in their old age?


In Germany are the better fairs and in the USA the rollercoasters are better!!!


Alpinabahn / Olympialooping:


Both roller coasters are in excellent condition.

The Alpina Bahn got a new (bigger) entrance last year. I think the theming of the Alpina Bahn is much better (more attrative).

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^ why? Its not like it leaves the realm of a normal coaster in terms of safety (actual or implied). The so-called "never in America" attractions are just those in which stupidity could create liabilities - ie, self-operated rides, the "triangles of death" climbing things, weird jungle gyms, etc


Its just a coaster. (a very good one no less, but still a very standard coaster that could easily operate in America)

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