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TPR's EPIC Oktoberfest Trip Report!


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Oktoberfest Trip Update!

Part One - Oktoberfest and the TPR Beer Tent!

Part Two - Neuschwanstein Castle, Alpine Slide and VERY DRUNK PIERS!!!

Part Three - Credit Whores, More Oktoberfest, Drunks on the Helter Skelter Slide!

Part Four - Freizeitpark Plohn & Belantis Trip Report

Part Five - Skyline Park and Legoland Germany!

Part Six - Strasswalchen, Bayern Park, and Wild Train!!!



Theme Park Review is at OKTOBERFEST in Munich, Germany! 'Nuff said...time for our first update including over 100 photos and SIX Videos! (Yes, there are some drunk Piers videos too!)




Today begins Day One of TPR's Epic Oktoberfest Trip! And when we say "Epic" we MEAN it!!!


Yup we have made it to Oktoberfest!


Everywhere you look around, there are people and lots of rides. The people are mostly drunk, the rides are there to induce vomiting.


We see you Star Flyer! And Mr. Lowenbrau, we will be seeing you later.


First, let's get the credit whoring out of the way...


Wild Mice are sexy when there are two of them.


Elissa is in the "Credit Whores" train!


"Fancy" Drink!


No caption needed!


This is going to be Joey in a few hours.


If Jeff Johnson were here, we'd get him this shirt.




Next credit of the day! Schwarzkopf sexiness!


Mmmm....Its a thing of beauty!


How about a POV video of Alpina Bahn? You got it! Click the video below:


Yes, Joe is here and he got all wet.


It takes that hill with some pretty decent speed!


Yup, more Alpina Bahn.


HA! HA! TPR is here riding and you're not bitches!


This ride was really amazing! While I wasn't expecting too much out of it, it had consistent speed and some good airtime! Was a great surprise!


Here are some of the trucks required to haul this coaster all around Germany.


Next we hit up the INSANE indoor spinning coaster, Hollenblitz. This coaster comes complete with a crazy lighting package and awesome theming!


There is even video of Robb riding Hollenblitz! Watch our for the Christmas trees!



This is the only outdoor part of the coaster.


Loading was "interesting" as the queue was split into to sides. One side loaded the front of the train, while the other side loaded the back.


Just in case you forgot the name of the coaster you were on, it's stamped into your lap bar!


There is one thing we forgot to tell you about this outside part...


You get WET!!!


There are at least four ghost trains that we counted at Oktoberfest!


Bling! Bling!


"C'mon guys! I want to ride Olympia Looping!"


Mmm...some TPR members would Looooove a 1/2 meter Bratwurst!


To quote "ParkTrips" Joe - "Whoever said Olympia Looping was too intense or the restraints were bad are a bunch of fucking pussies!!!" I agree Joe! I agree!


"Hello sweetheart! Elissa and I are on the powered coaster!"


"Hi Jeff! I'm counting this as 27!"


"Oh, sheesh! No one told me there was a water effect!"


Hey! We found a guy in a Club TPR shirt!


Random Top Scan...


Oh, yes, did we mention there is beer everywhere?


Beer, random pretzels, flat rides, coasters, Oktoberfest is AWESOME!


"I must hold up this sign before it falls on the broken babies!"


"It's a word scramble!" If you know what the word is...

EMAIL DAN!!! And you may win a TPR Bag-O-Crap!


This is a "beer carousel", no really...you get on this ride and they hand you a beer! This really happens!


Hello Lowenbrau! This is to be our home for the next 3-5 hours! What happens in here, should remain in here...but we're going to post it to TPR!


This is where we parked the stroller. We took a picture of it just in case we got too drunk and forgot!


This is inside the beer tent...doesn't it look *JUST* like Busch Gardens?


The only way to really explain the beer tent is to BE THERE! But since you can't be there, check out this video...


"Hooray for our first liters of beer!" (KidTums is the background is drinking a liter of Jager...)


"This is fucking awesome!!!"


One thing to note in this picture - Kris has the drank the LEAST so far out of all of us! LITTLE BITCH!!!!




"If you thought my drinking around the world at Epcot was bad...I'm on my 2nd liter of beer...or 134 ounces!"


Big Mike on the table singing New York New York!




The tent is going INSANE! (Note that Kris' beer is still pretty full...LITTLE BITCH!!!)


Our German friends from CoasterFriends.de know how to party!

(Thank you Andy for your help setting up the beer tent! You rock dude!!!)


"It's not soda...it's a liter of Jager!"


"Pretzels as big as your head!" (Piers says...I like head...)


She's all "Wow Big Mike! Now I see why they call you BIG Mike!!!" SCHAWING!


Andy says "I'm on Liter #2!"


More German singing and dancing...


"You wouldn't believe it...Big Mike's penis was THIS BIG!!!"


About 2 minutes after this picture was taken, her hands were down his pants! I'm not even kidding!!!


"Elissa...what are you doing! I'm Gay. I can't possib....oooh...that's nice!"


"Hi fans of the Big Mike Roadshow...Big Mike here letting you know that Big Mike isn't getting any smaller after this meal!"


"Don't worry Joey...after 201 ounces of beer...it doesn't matter if it's kosher!"


"We are ready for round three!"


"I just finished Liter #2...oh, and Kris is still on his first...what a LITTLE BITCH!!!"


"Hi sweetheart...I used to be gay...but Elissa turned me straight...want to go home and make some titty sex?"


Piers finished off the 2nd liter...ready for the 3rd!


What is this? Joe and Joey are hitting on chicks! This girl has said she'll bang one of the TPR boys, but which one? To decide which one she'll do tonight...


EMAIL DAN!!! Be sure to give a reason for WHY she'll do one over the other! And you may win a TPR Bag-O-Crap!


"No Deal!"


Piers breaks the seal!


"I have finally finished my first liter...I'm such a LITTLE BITCH!!!"




The chicks keep getting hotter...moments later there were boobs being flashed! We have photos of them, but we can't show them on TPR! If you want to see photos of the hot little German boobies...


EMAIL DAN!!! And you may win a TPR Bag-O-Crap!


"Hell yeah! Liter number five - or 335 ounces of beer!" How many bottles of beer did Joey drink? To tell us...


EMAIL DAN!!! And you may win a TPR Bag-O-Crap!


"Hey boys...I'm drunk enough that I'll do you both at the same time!"


Here is one more video from the beer tent, because it is THAT EPIC!!!


Now that we're nice and drunk...it's time to go on more rides! Doesn't Olympia Looping look AWESOME at night?


"Oh, look...five loops! Just like the amount of beer Joey drank!"


"I have to confess...I'm quite drunk right now!"


Would you like to see drunk Piers ride Olympia Looping? Of course you would!


This ride is really awesome! Those who didn't like it are EUROPE TRIP PUSSIES!!!!


In this photo you see the police arresting some Americans for doing lines of coke on the ghost train...again...NOT MAKING THIS UP! This actually happened! In fact, there is video...



Crappy ghost train from the view of our caged vehicle.


The eyeballs poked out! Like Evil Dead 2 style!


More Bling.


What you are looking at is a BACKWARDS ENTERPRISE WHEEL! YES!!! BACKWARDS!!!


It's just freakin sexy, isn't it?


More random flat rides...all running insane programs...all lit up awesome.


Not even sure what this is, but it looks cool.


Huss Frisbee...yup!


YES! YES! YES!!!! Psychodelic is here!!!


Even the Wild Nice look awesome at night.


It's mandatory that all flat rides at Oktoberfest have fog machines, awesome lighting, and crazy programs!


When you're had 5 liters of beer, this is what Oktoberfest looks like.


This was supposed to be a photo of Joey's penis, but I fail at taking cock shots.


It's the fart hole.


I have a ticket to go in the fart hole!


This is what the fart hole looks like.


This is what the girl that Joey banged is going to look like when the beer wears off.


We thought it was raining...but then we realized that was just vomit coming off the Star Flyer.


This is a GREAT idea when you're drunk!


Oktoberfest is a heightened experience when you can get into one of the beer tents!


All the major Munich Breweries have tents full of fun, boobs, and beer!


Apparently Paris Hilton got naked in this beer tent last year.


You can rent out the little houses on the Ferris Wheel and make out for about 12 minutes!


I'm not sure what this is, but I'm pretty sure it's not politically correct.


Random games...






We need more drunk rides on Olympia Looping!


Like I've said before...not as insane as WEM Mindbender...but OMFG, it's awesome!


Ever flat ride was like it's own party!


This was some kind of Bayern Curve flat ride that got you wet!


Hollenblitz all lit up!




Ok, this we have to do later in the week! It's one of those "Spinning Wheel" rides where you pile on, and try not to die! (See TPR's Southport Video Segment!)


One more ride on Olympia Looping and this wraps up day one of our Oktoberfest trip!


You may now post your comments!



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I rarely use the word Epic to describe anything, but this TR, deserves an Epic rating, combined with the drunk comentary of Olympia Loopon (which BTW, looks fantastic in the night shots and video!) and shocker, but for one entertaining read. This should be the new standard of TPR TR's.

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