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Walibi Holland Discussion Thread

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Great photos.


I will never understand what this park did to their lovely main street and castle.


Reminds me of an urban explorer visit to an abandoned place full of graffiti.

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Haha you beat me, I was just about to post the same. I love how it looks like they're putting their arms up


If only all test dummies could look as cute as this. And riders too, in fact!

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One of the best videos ever.

Also: love to hear the chain dog after every air time moment. Meaning: All the time!

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The next TPR event should do the "Big Bear Train" in response, kinda like the "Fat Train Challenge." Shirtless hairy fat dudes. Sign me up.


This better not awaken anything in me...

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The social media team is doing a fantastic job of promoting the park lately. There's now a follow-up teddy bear video (with bonus sloths).





And the park also collaborated with Ride Sims to have an official Untamed ride simulation released.



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My son, who just went two years old, LOVES their videos. A simple way to get kids addicted to theme parks these days.

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^^ They should auction all those bears (and the sloths, too) off for charity, like "Give Kids The World" or a European equivalent. Have tags attached stating these are the real Walibi Holland Riders! And the rides they have ridden, etc. Would be fun to have one of those, knowing they'd ridden UNTAMED, and the swings.

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