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Walibi Holland Discussion Thread

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When I was last there at WH, Sept.2016, Robin Hood was running pretty rough for my comfort.

IN 2008 when I first rode it, on a TPR tour, I'm sure it was smoother than this recent ride, was.


Glad to see it's going to get some needed attention and care. I'm not returning till say, 2022,

so I hope after three years (by that time) it'll still be a great ride. And 2(?) new coasters for me,too!


So much space HERE, for such a (&%#& coaster. How about this spot for something NEW? Taken Sept.12, 2016.

Yes I know. It's The Original SLC...blah blah blah. Unlike Cyclone in NYC it has not faired well for it's time.

OUCH*(#%(@#!!!*!^$@&() #meltitdown

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It is a fantastic park (Walibi Holland), I last visited it in 2003. I had a subscription.

In the meantime, I have made some very unpleasant and painful things,

but next year I will go back to check the new RMC (Robin Hood)


In the good old days I did with great pleasure:

Goliath, superman the ride, El condor etc.

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Six weeks before the official opening, there is still some work to do in Walibi Holland. For example, the Main Street at the entrance is under refurbishment. This can be seen on exclusive aerial photographs from the park. The Main Street will get a new theme, based on the style of big cities and festivals. Walibi has not shown any designs yet. Work must be completed on Friday 30th March.















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This is the renewed Mainstreet of Walibi Holland




The Mainstreet of Walibi Holland had a big make-over. Under the title 'Festivalization', the buildings in the themed area have been repainted in recent weeks, with bright colors, cool English terms and trendy symbols.


The interior of some buildings was also renewed. A statue of mascot Walibi had to make way for a work of art with colored bicycles. On top of the exit is now the text "It was all a dream". A wall has been refurbished in the Hall of Fame - the covered area at the Xpress: Platform 13 roller coaster.


The theme park was inspired by the style of London's Camden Town district. That district is known for colorful facades with large letters. Walibi will open to the public again Friday.


















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^ No. To myself, it looks like the entire mess is going to fall over on the public one day!


"Moulin Rouge" was more organized! There are so many "broken up" signs through-out this thing,

it just makes me feel they could have put a bit more style into it, and not jumble it all up like this.



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Apparently it's based on/took inspiration from Camden Town in London





LOL! Blimey! Can't believe this is the current Camden Town! I remember when all of London's subcultures existed side by side - especially around the Camden Market. It was a hub of counterculture...from the punks to the Roundhouse (which was truly experimental theatre - I remember a play where the cast literally CREPT thru the aisles and climbed onto our laps!

But yup....it looks like Walibi has, indeed, been influenced by the NEW Camden Town! (Alas, nothing like the 'old.'...SAD)



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