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Walibi Holland Discussion Thread

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That would be the exact reason that Intamin just added vests to the previously lapbar-only Flying Aces over in Abu Dhabi. Idiots couldn't stop leaning forward in the wing seats during the first inversion and a few people injured themselves.


Hold up... they did? Couldn't find anything about that in the Ferrari World thread.

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Yes, at least one of the trains already has them fully installed according to two trip reports I read somewhere either here or elsewhere. The other train(s) were supposed to get them soon. (Check Screamscape)
(Check Screamscape)
(It's probably just a rumor then)



So. Funny!!


Yet so true.

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Walibi Holland interested in crazy new coaster


Is this crazy coaster coming to Walibi Holland? The Dutch themepark is considering to buy a bizarre 37 meters high 'free spin coaster'. Told Yas Fujii from American coaster builder S&S Sansei to Looopings.


In a free spin coaster passengers sit in tilting coaches on the sides of the track. The 309 meters long coaster exists of a vertical lifthill, a lot of hills and sharp turns, all built above each other.


Insiders tell that the coaster could be build on the site of oldtimer ride "Le Tour des Jardins" in the theme zone "France". The coaster could open in 2019 or 2020.



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I have ridden Les Tours des Jardins and eaten at Friar Tuck's on two past visits. I shall miss them both,

but I LOVE CHICKEN, and this coaster would fit perfect in the Jardins spot.


But keep some of the gardens (and trees) around it, please?


Au revoir, Les Tours?


Votre aussi, Friar Tucks? Both photos taken on Sept.12, 2015.

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This is fantastic news!! There were rumors for a long time going around about this conversion, but rumors are always just rumors. But I have to admit, if there was one park doing this kind of conversion in Europe right now, I would definitely have said Walibi Holland!


I just can't believe that the first IBox in Europe is coming to a park just an hour away from me!

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Sorry for the double post, but here's the full article.


Walibi Holland opens new RMC roller coaster in 2019!




On the 1st of July 2019, Walibi Holland will open the first hybrid roller coaster in Europe. The present wooden roller coaster Robin Hood is being rebuilt by manufacturer RMC into a roller coaster consisting of a combination of wood and steel. In September 2018 RMC and Walibi Holland will start the renovation.


In recent years, we worked hard on the plans for the renovation, which Walibi Holland now announces. Until October 2018, guests can still enjoy the current Robin Hood, after which the ride will be converted into a completely new roller coaster. In September of this year, the first work behind the scenes will start, says Maschio van Till, director. "This is the dream of many amusement park fans in Europe", says Walibi director Mascha van Till. "We are very happy that we can finally announce this."


With the opening of the new roller coaster, Walibi Holland will open the third new attraction in four years. After the virtual reality experience NeuroGen in 2017 and the roller coaster Lost Gravity in 2016, in 2019 Walibi Holland will open a new roller coaster.


The opening of the new Robin Hood in 2019 coincides with other renovations in the area of Sherwood Forest. In the coming years, a part of the park will be taken care of every winter, working on the Main street this winter. The different areas are thematized on the basis of a newly developed styleguide, under the name Festivalization.



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Sorry for the double post, but here's the full article.

No, don't apologize. The other post was a garbage post with zero information by someone too lazy to actually post good content. I had to go in and fix it.


FYI - If you're not going to bother to take the time to contribute good posts to TPR, don't contribute anything. Posting "just a link" to an announcement will get you temp banned from our forums for being an idiot in the future.


Thank you Jordy for taking the time to post this.

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Awesome - have heard that ride was pretty bad.

I actually enjoyed Robin Hood. It was a decent out and back coaster, getting a little rough in it's older days, but I've been on far worse. I have no doubt though that an RMC make-over will turn this into an average ride that not many people talked about to one fo the top coasters in Europe! Can't wait!

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This is great to hear! This park could have one of the most elite Top-3 coaster combos after this! Goliath, Lost Gravity and RMC IBox?!


Yep. Goliath and Lost Gravity are both in my top 30. Add in an RMC Robin Hood to that? This park's about to become a required hit for any Europe trip, and it was already a pretty nice place.


Amusingly, this park's also got a coaster (El Condor) in my bottom 5.


Start placing your bets on Loup-Garou at Walibi Belgium...

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