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What is the best RCT game?  

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  1. 1. What is the best RCT game?

    • RCT1
    • RCT2
    • RCT3
    • I don't like any of them!

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You know this isn't really fair... First off RCT1 & 2 has serious problems... Remember the DST bug that erased all your saves? Remember all the little things that never got fixed period in RCT2?


Also consider that RCT3 just came out and has had no expansion packs yet but you are comparing it to two games that each got two expansions. RCT3 is a departure for the series but you guys are probably the same ones who complained that RCT2 wasn't enough of a change from the first. So take it for what it is a new game. That should be enough and give it time to grow. Sure we lost a few things in the transition to 3d but the game is ultimately good with more track pieces than ever before. Sure I have some problems with some of the building in RCT3 but when I think back to how long it took me to become proficient in RCT1 and 2 it really doesn't seem so bad.

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RCT1 was good, however, the amount of bugs and the random error traps ended up making me never really getting into it.


RCT2 had the same bugs, however, it was customizable in the way you had begun to expect of major game releases when it came out. However, it took the communitys effort without a single bit of help from the developers to unlock these possibilites, and that has allways bothered me. RCT2 still stands as my favorite, however.


RCT3... Well... When I first got the demo, later the game, I marveled at the level of detail, the possebilities, the effort that obiviously went into the making of it. I defended it fiercely when it was cut to shreds on the official boards. I still like it, however, it seemed to lose it's value slowly as i played along... presently, I haven't started the game for over 2 months (which also has something to do with my computer dying. )

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As of right now, I like RCT2 the best. I have been having LOTS AND LOTS of problems with RCT3 and haven't really been able to play it much. Especially because it won't let me save and it makes me crazy when I spend 5 hours working on something and lose it. Anyway. I like things about RCT3, but RCT2 is my fav so far. We'll see what happens once I get this problem solved... which should be in 3-5 days!

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I gotta defend RCT3 because this was new to them. Hopefully they will give out a patch to get rid of the bugs. The carear mode is awesome and even with the bugs, it still rocks. Any continous bugs that you may get is most likely you're computer and not the actual game. It is still my least favorite, but I gotta give it a 8/10, compared to RCT's 8.7/10 and RCT2's 9.3/10! My computer won't let me play RCT though... too advanced

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  • 10 years later...

I couldn't specifically find another thread to put this in besides "all about RCT3" So...


I don't know if anyone's found this but

during a history lecture (which i am on now) i found out that apparently the rct3 polyp ride is based on some strange

knockoff from Sinorides.


RCT3 polyp:



Sinorides polyp:

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