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Grand Grove Thrill Resort [RCT2]

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Switched some dates around. Gladius now was constructed in the park in 2009. What replaced it's spot in 2010, you may be wondering....




Similar to the new WindSeekers appearing at 4 Cedar Fair parks, Grand Grove got in on the deal but themed it to their liking to keep it away from the bland, generic swing rides appearing at other parks. "StormSeeker" is 201 feet tall, and even though it's smaller than the others it still is themed to a Mystical Village. Calm, majestic symphonies play through speakers located on the ride's arms as riders gets to view Grand Grove from over 200 feet in the air. This ride makes a drastic change to the skyline as you drive up to the park, and has really (along with Gladius) revamped Mystique Villa into one of the most popular areas of the park. The area now includes StormSeeker (2010), Gladius (2009 - Mega-Lite), Encounter (2007- pendulum ride) and Scavenger (2005- water coaster). Many say that the area has been rapidly improving since it's opening back in the 90s, and then it only included a couple of flats (all defunct by 2010).


(NOTE: It is operational, sorta. Screens are still a work in progress)



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I dont think the red, balcony-like walls are a fit for the walls for the exit path, the best way to go is smaller fencing, like the kind you have separating the queue down there. Those red walls i've mentioned are the biggest sore on this screen, and foliage could use some work. Place trees in clumps and put smaller bushes (lowlife) around the trees to make it most realistic.


Looks pretty good so far.

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I realized the park was missing a rapids ride, so I put one in under some portions of Nightlight (like Busch Garden's with Roman Rapids and Apollo's Chariot)


What do you think?



Also, I've begun theming a new area near Agent X, to "New York" to go along with Agent X's storyline. These are some screens in progress:


(Ignore the buildings to the left. They are old! Buildings top right are old too...looks like I have some work to do! Just focus on the center )


I haven't been paying much attention to the water park lately, or the hotel. I'll post a screen up once I feel it's good enough. Right now...not so much. I guess it's at the 65-70% mark right now, but that could all change if I decide to delete some more buildings.


Let me know what you guys think.

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Sorry for the double post, but I really need you guy's opinions. As of late I've been thinking about the future of this "water park". I feel it's pointless and can be replaced with a newer roller coaster that I think would boost the park's "attractiveness" up by a lot. I'm thinking of two options:


1.) Trashing it completely and replacing it with a hacked ride, maybe similar to Fahrenheit at Hershey.


2.) Or I could just drain that big lake you see to the bottom right (feel like it's an eye sore) and move the waterpark there, will making a more compact ride to the ride (still similar to Fahrenheit) which would still be part of the actual park.


I really need to take a vote. Leave the park as it is; Trash the waterpark; Move water park and drain lake.


What do you think?

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Though I have seen most of it already, I also would like to see what changes may have taken place. Also putting it out there may generate some feedback for you as to what is good, great or not so good and great besides what we have talked about in private with you. The more information from as many people as possible is always going to be a key to improvement.


BTW, haven't seen anything from your latest park posted yet, then again I may have just missed it. I haven't been around much lately. Just wondering how it's coming along from where I saw it via PM.

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^^^&^^ I'll get one ready sometime this week


@Dmaxs: I don't remember what I changed since you last saw it, and if anything the changes may not be for the better because I started becoming unhappy with almost everything in the park and started deleting/redoing.


And about my new park, I've been posting up screens occasionally in the Preview Thread because as of right now it's still a bunch of ideas sloppily put together. I may put up a new screen up tonight depending on if I get anything done, and I'll for sure PM you another in-progress copy to see what you think of it so far if you're up for it.

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