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Theme Park Review: The Magazine - Issue #2

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Just got mine!


Hmm... what could this be? It has my name and address... and it's from Valencia, California!


Fluffy, Fluffy Bunny Filled With Medicine & Goo helps open the mysterious package!


Yay! Club TPR: The Magazine Issue 2! Awesomeness!


I look through the photos a little.... This is right before I splash Robb, and he splashes me back!


Mmm... Mondial.


Italian coasters that I will be on soon! Super Mmmm.....


Yay! I get a photo! =)


Piers makes this new Vekoma train look VERY sexy!


One of these pictures made me go ZOMG! when I first saw it. Guess which one it was.... Nope, it was the slide one.


Hey! Me has this alarm clock too!


Lucario approved magazine!

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Training Class


welcome to Club TPR: Training 101


First we must open or download the quarterly publication from themeparkreview.com


and then click on the link to www.clubtpr.com



inside you are welcomed with this wonderful full color pdf file


ok class, ready to view inside? Use your mouse or arrow key to scroll to the next page


on the inside you see trip reports


also featuring the big mike road show


if you don't know who big mike is (and I didn't until I joined TPR) you should click away until you get to www.themeparkreview.com


the dvd you get as a member doesn't only include a massive electronic magazine, but also inlcudes fantastic video


like this one featuring GCI's new racing woodie




speaking of woodie's....oh sorry, I'm sharing too much with you people




ok class, quit looking at the videos, this is only a preview of what is offered, I said quit looking at the videos, you must join to see the rest


ok ok, signup after the vid, but just do it, I'll see you at the park

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I told Ernie yesterday that TPR:TM was supposed to be arriving today. His excitement could not be contained...


^ I don't know what's funnier, that you did all that, or that you still have an Ernie around.

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I told Ernie yesterday that TPR:TM was supposed to be arriving today. His excitement could not be contained...


^ I don't know what's funnier, that you did all that, or that you still have an Ernie around.


The things I do when I'm bored...

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^ I have to say you did a sweet job yourself, loved all the characters!


Glad to know that you have a TPR training room too!! LOL. Surprisingly I did that off the clock, but yeah they are pretty much all the same, dull, dry and boring, but the TPR magazine spices things up!

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