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Photo TRs: The Orlando Crew Thread

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Hey everyone! This thread is the new base for the Orlando Crew photo reports... So sit back, relax and enjoy the (new) show!





Jake and Adam visit Universal Orlando - September 6th, 2010 (found below)





Original Post:


For the first time since his move to Orlando, Jake and I decided to take advantage of the day off from school for the Labor Day holiday. Surprisingly, Universal Orlando was completely empty, allowing us to walk onto Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey once, Dueling Dragons twice, Flight of the Hippogriff, Revenge of the Mummy twice and even to ride Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit in the front row.


All in all, the day was a fantastic one--and it certainly won't be our last... Look for more from the Orlando Crew very soon!


We started off our day by (after eating an incredible meal at Mythos) experiencing Poseidon's Fury. Jake had never seen the show before, & I had not been back for quite some time since the water vortex's closure.


Fire and water effects on the exterior of the attraction's facade are once again, fully operational.


But what's this I see?


That's right folks! The water vortex is once again working, and boy was it working well!


While in the Wizarding World, Jake treated himself to his first Cauldron Cake.


Being the creature of habit that I am, I went for the always delicious Pumpkin Tart.


Plastic is delicious.


A 40 minute wait on Potter turned out to be a 10 minute wait with the single rider line.


Flight of the Hippogriff was fun as always, and the lack of lines certainly helped!


Notice the sign of quality in the bottom righthand corner of the chassis.


Buckbeak was taking a snooze... At least his nose didn't collapse on stage during a packed show.


We'd never noticed it before, but from the coaster, you can see Hagrid's Hut in its entirety.


I want to buy myself a magical wicker basket.


The ones in my room don't contain any magical hoodies, nor are they a portal to Magicland.


Hogwarts looks great as always!


It is hard to believe that I used to have to wait 60 minutes just to ride Dueling Dragons once.


Who would've ever guessed that anything that Universal could do would possibly take the spotlight off of these two starring coasters...


Over at Universal, construction on several of the Halloween Horror Nights scare zones has quickly ramped up.


This guy is living proof of what happens after you watch Shrek 4-D forty times.


The Esqueleto Muerte scare zone looks to be entirely new, which is great to see!


I couldn't resist.


The next few of these don't exactly need captions...



Coke Zero doesn't count Jake. The key to immortality lies in the bottom of a cool, refreshing bottle of Coca-Cola Classic.


Don't we have a smiley that looks like this?


Authenticity overload...


Finally, Carl will be chased away by a hungry skull.


Wish number one for the park complete.




Wish #2 complete.


He's waving hello to you via the interweb.


He hid behind the curtain for fear of being photographed by me.


Despite loving wampas, I will say that these skull-spiders are awesome!


"Grr! I'm a painted skull. Now give me some candy!"


I'm gunna take a wild guess and say that someone will pop out from here, and will be able to bang on the drum all day.


I was happily surprised to see the differing designs in many of the sections of the zone.



More of these lacy things...


Even though the stretch of space isn't that large, the layout has made the zone feel bigger than it truly is.


Another scare spot in the works...


At least he went out having a good time...



I have a feeling that these skull-spiders aren't the famed "El Chupacabra."


Over in the New York alley (where the Shadows of the Past scarezone from last year debuted), the Steam n' Saw zone is well on its way to completion.


Wiring and other steampunk effects now cover much of the path.


If I'm not the only one who thinks of the original Home Alone when seeing this, I'd be a little relieved.


More work to be done yet.


Another part of this strange machine in New York...


At first glance, you might not notice the additions, but they are definitely there.


It was nice to see this familiar steampunk touch used in a scarezone, considering how well done it was in the Frankenstein house last year.


More hiding places for scareactors.


I'm almost positive I took a photo in this last year in the Frankenstein house tour.


One more look at the alley...

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Over in the San Francisco area, Zombie Gras lamp post covers have been added.


These may actually be the same ones used in Mardi Gras... Does anyone know?


And then, the deluge.


It got very wet, very fast.


Finding shelter only after we get soaked always makes for a memorable experience.


One more scarezone, what I believe to be "XX Years of Fear" area has already received many of its props.


I actually took a picture of a guy riding around in one of these during the Carnival of Carnage (HHN 17) with Jack the Clown. It was nice to see this piece of horror nights history preserved.


The contortionist poster also came from the Carnival of Carnage, while the moon signs were from Ripped from the Silver Screen (HHN 19).


Notice the Lantern X's on the sides of the structure.


The weather wasn't getting better, so we left, but I'm sure we'll have plenty more to see in the coming weeks.

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Awesome TR! I have not been in a few months, I'll def. have to go back and check out the HHN set up, I loved that last year!


I didn't think today was going to be very good, I'm heading home (back to FL, was visiting family and g/f in KY) but when I saw your pictures of the water vortex on, I was so excited! I have done that tour so many times just hoping that maybe one day I'd walk in and they would have fixed it. I've already got a trip planned with my friend thursday, thanks! Great pics!

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Nice work, guys! Can't wait to see Potter (in 4 weeks!) and do HHNXX. That 20 years of Fear scarezone looks awesome. It'll be great to pick out all the props/characters from years past.


Good call on the props from Frankenstein houses in the steampunk scarezone. And the Mardi Gras decorations are definitely ones they use in the Spring.


Ah those FL deluges... Don't really miss those.

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I really enjoy seeing all the stuff that parks do for Halloween. I really need to get some theme park halloween events off of my life's to do list.


By the way Adam, I was sad to read that your wicker basket doesn't have a portal to Magicland. I thought that feature would have become standard issue by now.

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I was there as well on saturday, and most everything was covered up. The tribute section was there but was all blacked out as well. I was there earlier in the week and everything was uncovered. I'm wondering if they had it covered up for rock the universe? (I got to work with the Dan today in class, the guy who did the William Shatner last year in Bill & Teds, and the narrator for the Grinch show. Great guy! He is bummed he can't be in it this year)

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