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Boulder Leisure Park [RCT3]

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September 5, 1969

3rd Season


Boulder Leisure Park announces 5 year expansion plan

The Boulder Chronicle - Local amusement park Boulder Leisure Park announced today a 5 year expansion plan. The park intends to open new areas of the park in 4 phases over the next 5 years. The first phase has already begun construction and is expected to open next year.

Though all the details have not yet been released, the plan outlines intentions to add another 2 roller coasters. Exact specifications on next year's expansion have been released - the new area will include a Rotor, Ferris Wheel, Swinging Ship, and other flat rides. An observation tower will be the main attraction of the new expansion, which will give visitors a terrific view of the park from above. The park also plans to open a railway to transport guests from one side of the park to the other.

"With the enormous success we've seen so far, we knew we had to take advantage of our momentum," said Robert Clarke, PR Manager at Boulder Leisure Park. "Last season, we decided that the best way to do this was to continue expanding our park to keep up with the latest technologies in the industry".

The park cut short their second season in order to restructure key elements of the park. Luckily, guests came back this season to find a brand new roller coaster, El Furioso, in place of the less popular and ill-fated Mine Train.

You can still visit Boulder Leisure Park for another month. The park will close on September 30, and reopen June 1 of next year.


An overview of the new area.


Workers were busy installing the new swinging ship ride.


Hello Everyone,


Robert Clarke here, pleased to announce our big plans! I'm sure you've probably already seen the article in the papers today. All of us at Boulder Leisure Park are really excited about it!


On another note, I've got another regular update for you guys:


The roof was finally installed on that new building.


Mad Mouse also received some queue shades.


Please leave comments - we really want to know what the public thinks of our big news!


Have a great day!


-Robert Clarke

PR Manager

Boulder Leisure Park

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September 30, 1969

3rd Season


Hello Boulder,


Time to close our doors for the year once again. We will reopen next spring with our major new expansion!


One last update before I go:



A new restaurant will open in the area.


An overview of the area. Come back next year to see what else is new!


We've also installed a railroad crossing for our guests.


Be sure to come and visit us again next year!




-Robert Clarke

PR Manager

Boulder Leisure Park

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Quick update, preparing for Season 4 tomorrow. The new area just needs a few final touches, but I have a quick preview:





Please let me know what you think! I'm particularly proud of the buildings, they're my first successful attempt at custom scenery. Please comment!




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^Thanks for the compliments!



June 1, 1971

4th Season


Hello again,


Happy new year, and welcome back to Boulder Leisure Park! The big news this year is that the first part of our 5-year expansion plan is now open:



Welcome back to Boulder!


"The Forest" is as popular as ever.


The first guests trickle into the new area.


Two new restaurants opened - a pizza parlor and a sub shop.


Its a long way down from the top of Boulder Tower, the park's first observation tower.


A new façade has been put up along the main midway. I hear it will be a new gift shop.


Please let us know your thoughts on the area, and what you would most like to see added to the park. As part of our expansion plan, another section of the park will open next year, so we really want your suggestions!


Let me know,


-Robert Clarke

PR Manager

Boulder Leisure Park

Edited by gci2011
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Hey TPR,


I was working on the park tonight preparing an update when...


my computer crashed.


The program has occasionally quit before spontaneously, but nothing like this before. I doubt that anything has happened to the park - most likely it will work fine again tomorrow. I'll try to have another update as soon as I get everything sorted out, hopefully tomorrow evening as usual. Luckily, I posted one this morning, so I guess today is covered. Please check it out!


Thanks for your understanding!


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July 1, 1971

4th Season


Hey hey hey, USA !


We're already a month into our 4th season, and the crowds wont stop coming!


So far, guest seem to love the new area of the park, which has been drawing moderate but steady crowds since it opened.

The second part of this expansion plan will open next year, and construction has already begun. We've got a few ideas already in mind, but we'd like to here your suggestions as well. All I can say about this project for now is that we've got a terrific new main attraction planned for our guests.


Onto some pictures:



Land clearing for the new area has begun.


Materials were moved on site later this afternoon.


The park from the top of one of our mountains.


The massive new Boulder Tower dominates the park's skyline.


I also tried to get a few shots of the new gift shop going up, but it was just too busy for me to poke around. Work is progressing fast, and it should be open soon.


Have a great day!


-Robert Clarke

PR Manager

Boulder Leisure Park

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August 1, 1971

4th Season


Hello Boulder!


I've got quite an update today - I managed to sneak a shot of our major new attraction for next year! I'll save the best for last



The Main Street Market opened today. The neighboring restaurant also received a new matching roof!


Guests entering the Main Street Market.


Guests love Boulder Railway!


Guests say the Rotor is the most thrilling ride in the park!


Grand Wheel and El Furioso make for a great skyline!


Hmmmm... what's with that track?


Taken through a hole in the construction fence. We'll have to wait and see!


An official announcement will be made soon. Stay tuned!


-Robert Clarke

PR Manager

Boulder Leisure Park

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September 1, 1971

4th Season




Hello America,


Have you seen our big announcement? ^


We're really excited, but we want your input on the name for our new coaster! Things to know:

- It's red

- Lots of helices

- Good airtime moments

- Family-oriented, but still thrilling


Please send in your suggestions!


Anyway, a few extra pictures as work progresses onsite:


The new pathways have been laid and are just beyond the treeline!


This spinning tower ride will open next year.


The park's skyline currently.


A sneak peak of the new coaster!


Thanks for your continued support!


-Robert Clarke

PR Manager

Boulder Leisure Park

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Hey TPR,


Posting as gci2011 today with just a few pictures.



Constructing a building around the dark ride. More theming to come, don't worry. But too many windows? Please advise, still seeking suggestions on better use of CS.


The gray area will be a new gift shop. Also in the area behind it will be a restaurant and a building with a custom flat. I've had no trouble installing the CFRs, but where do I find them in-game to place them in my park?


Also adding a billboard for a bit of theming to the new coaster. Still no name suggestions?! Well, got the billboards figured out now anyway.


Any suggestions for the above? ^


By the way, I may not have an update for a few days, this week has been really busy for me with school and a bazillion tests everyday. Teachers cramming stuff in now because we practically have all of November off. Lots of updates to come next month, but it may take a few more days for another update right now. Sorry for the delay, I really appreciate your patience.




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September 30,1971

4th Season


Hello again,


Its the end of the year once again here at Boulder Leisure Park. As the season wraps up, I wanted to give you an update on our construction. Everything should be open on schedule for next year. We've also decided to name the new coaster "Rocket Racers". We're still open to other suggestions for the name if you have any, but for now we're going with this.


Since the last update, we've installed two new rides, "Mad House" and "Paratrooper". We've put up a building around Mad House as it is intended to be indoors:



An overview of the area. Expect several new restaurants, gift shops, and other attractions.


The building for Mad House. The entrance is there on the left.


It's a big building! Also, a new restaurant with a patio will open to the left of it next year.


More to come soon. Until then, have a great winter!


-Robert Clarke

PR Manager

Boulder Leisure Park




Let me know what you think of the building. I'm quite proud of it, but want to hear other opinions as well so I can improve. Thanks!

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Quick update on the progress. Sorry I'm dragging this out, it's just a lot of work building these structures and I'm still relatively new to custom buildings and CS and everything...


Built the new Boulder Leisure Park office building, and a restaurant. Please let me know what you think. Any tips that may help my improve my work would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



Office building from above. No roof yet so you can see the layout.


Looking into Robert Clarke's office in the new building.


The office farthest right is the receptionist. Farthest left is the CEO's assistant, and his office is in the center, facing the coaster.


Added the roof once I was done taking pictures.


Also built this restaurant with a patio. Serves steaks and burgers.


Front of the restaurant. Not sure how I like it...... thoughts/suggestions? Let me know please.

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^ Thanks, all fixed now.


Today I extended the train and built a station. Also added more trees, colored the new Paratrooper, and added a cafe. I will probably start Season 5 tomorrow or the day after. I'm disappointed with myself for having this large gap between seasons, but all of the structures were too much to rush.


Lots of pictures, plus the new coaster layout!



Fixed the steakhouse.


The new train station. No, it's not on fire ;), just the smoke from the train... Are the colors ok, or do they clash too much?


The inside of the new restaurant. This is a small café with a buffet.


The café from above, with outdoor seating.


Here's an overview of the area. I still need to add a station to the coaster, add 2 gift shops to the area, and add scenery to the dark ride, plus a building to enclose it.


"Red Racer" is testing.


It's got a racecar theme as well.


Also put in this paratrooper, appropriately named "Paratrooper". Let me know what you think of the colors...


Thanks for your continued patience and interest.



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Just a quick update. I've been working on the dark ride, new gift shops, and adding details here and there.


By the way, I know I'm by no means the best park on the forums, but I could still really use feedback so I can get better. It's disheartening to see so few views and responses.



Added the logo to the Red Racer "theme scene"...


The view entering the area.


Theming is underway for the dark ride.


Changed the paratrooper colors so they're softer.

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