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Photo TR: CW, La Ronde, & TGE 7/30-8/3


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Hello Everyone, This is my first PTR ever posted to TPR, so I hope it turns out well.


Anyway in the Beginning of August my family went on a mini trip to Toronto, Montreal, and Lake George NY, to grab a few credits and make some use of that Cedar Fair Platinum Pass I spent so much money on.


1) Canada's Wonderland 7/30 & 7/31 (In This Post)

2) La Ronde 8/2 (on page 1)

3) The Great Escape 8/3


Canada's Wonderland

So Canada eh?


Basically I'm not much of a fan of Canada's wonderland, I mean the atmosphere is definitely nice, and some parts of the park are VERY beautiful and shaded unlike some Cedar Fair properties, but the ride selection is somewhat lacking for me. I tend to be a person that goes to theme parks for rides as a priority, don't get me wrong it's excellent that have a nice pretty park but the ride selection really could use some work, I felt like I was going on rough/boring ride after ride and it got old very fast, there are a few exceptions but for the most part everything was just kinda "dull"


Pretty much the only reason I wanted to come to Canada's wonderland was for Behemoth, and what a ride it is! My sister and Myself (who I normally go to parks with) are freaks about B&M hypers, I mean we worship them. So going in I had some pretty high expectations for Behemoth, thankfully the ride delivered. Behemoth is PACKED with airtime, while still having a pretty interesting ending and not being completely unoriginal. Alot of people prefer the back row on most hypers, but with the newer train design I feel that Behemoth and Diamondback shine the best when ridden in the front 2 rows, at the top of every hill you're literally thrown from your seat with some nice long sustained floater air, and airtime is the name of the game with Behemoth. This is a solid coaster for me, and I was glad it turned out to be so good. We rode Behemoth 9 times during our stay in Toronto, the line was normally about 20-30 minutes long.


Now it gets ugly. Pretty much every other ride bashed my head, with a few exceptions. I'll only mention a few notable ones, because talking about every ride would take to long to type out.


Skyrider- The Togo Stand-up, This ride was good in some ways and bad in others, I really liked the airtime bits because it feels awesome while standing up, however some of the transitions and the trick track were just rather painful for me. Nothing too serious, but It in the long run it's one of the better coasters at Canada's Wonderland


Wild Beast - bumpidty bumpity bump. Not enjoyable whatsoever.


Flight Deck - I've been on a few SLC's but this one just ripped me a new one. It reminded me of T2 and how much I got beaten to death on it, Once we hit the breaks I thought I was seriously going to start crying because I bashed my neck so many times. One of the worst SLC's I've been on.


Vortex - Seeing as this is the same ride as Flight Deck at Kings Island I was excited to ride it because I love Flight Deck. WRONG! This one was so much rougher and jerkier, plus the seat seemed so much more uncomfortable. I don't know why this one sucked so much but I was definitely disappointed.


Back Lot Stunt Coaster - This one didn't do the fire thing like the one at Kings Island, but I really like these little clones, their zippy and fun, It draws a pretty big crowd though.


Well I think that's enough, one more thing I forgot to mention is the second day we were at CW we spent most of the day at the water park, which was decent enough. Still nothing like my home park SFGAm and Hurricane Harbor though


Moving onto the Pictures.


Here we are, Canada's Wonderland!


First things first, Behemoth!


I really enjoy the new style B&M hyper trains.


Every one has this picture, so I might as well too! I'm actually capable of jumping over 6 people at a time.


Me and my sister


Skyrider and its cute little bunny hops


Oh you totally got me you trickster


Best part of the ride, balls to the sky!


OoOh Artsy


Typical CF trash can picture


Lots and lots of trees at CW


Vortex, the crappy arrow suspended coaster


The Fly, one of the more enjoyable rides at CW


The Bat, one of the more not enjoyable rides at CW


It was a beautiful day




Nice little piggy


Canadian Pride


Looking at this picture just makes me cringe


No ninja earings allowed on the ride please


Mine buster, this one was just "ok"


But what's that in the distance?


Behemoth is here to save the day!


One of my favorite pictures ever. This shows our love for Behemoth


Arms up is the way to go!


The water park is really the only area you can get decent shots of Behemoth


mmmm, mmmmm tasty


More Behemoth


I do a little support hugging every now and then


a little more behemoth


The Trims from what I could tell were only turned on on the first hill in the line of 3, hardly noticeable though


Yellow train getting some air


I really liked this hammerhead or Bowtie or whatever it's called now a days


Pesky birds all over the waterpark


Those parabolic hills look might fine


another train of riders getting ready to take the plunge


Italian Job


I'm the first person to ever take this photo


This little hill provides a final moment of air


Overall Behemoth was a much needed addition to CW's lineup


This was about the only flat we rode, it wasn't all that great, I was expecting a little more then I got


Dragon fire is just kinda meh


Back to the goodies


I'm melting, i'm melting!


We got a whole Pizza for just 2 of us, which however is a typical meal for one ACEr




Zamperla piece of crap, that we waited way to long for


And this is the final photo.

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Great Photo TR. Can't wait to see more. The guy in the front row of Mine buster made me I've never been to CW but it seems that besides Behemoth all the other coaster are meh.


Thanks, and yeah CW I find similar to KI but also better, they have one really awesome ride and the rest are kind of just meh. Kings Island has a few that are actually fun though. Thankfully CF has added a quality coaster to the lineup at CW.

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La Ronde


La Ronde. Much better then Canada's Wonderland in my opinion, I tend to like Six Flags more then Cedar Fair although I don't think I saw anything anywhere that even mentioned that this place had anything to do with Six Flags, but hey my SFKK season pass worked.. I have to say I really enjoyed my time at La Ronde and would love to go back sometime soon.


Operations at La Ronde could use some work. Le op's clearly didn't care all to much about meeting the hourly capacity of the ride and the line could stretch all the way out of the park and they wouldn't do much about it. This caused me to not love La Ronde but just merely like it. I mean some employees were better then others, but overall the majority just kind of sucked, and they sat in plastic chairs and talked instead of doing their jobs. Literally when the ride would get back to the station everyone would get off and leave the station and they wouldn't open the gates for at least like another 45 seconds, meanwhile they were all sitting in chairs chatting it up, and the flash pass people were clogging up the line.


La Ronde has a ton of food choices, I wish I could have tried more then I did. They even have a Mcdonalds, which is awesome because Mcdonalds is awesome and it wasn't even that expensive! Le cha ching!


Credit wise I didn't do so well, Ednor (The new SLC) was running one train and had a 2 hour wait, we got in line and it wasn't moving at all so I said screw that, and we never came back, besides I was still feeling the bashes I got from the SLC at Canada's Wonderland. I didn't get the boomerang credit either because everytime we got in line it broke down and then the 3rd time we got in line it started raining and we left the park. Also I didn't ride Dragon (I think?) because I didn't know it was there. It's alright though because I got on all the important rides like....


GOLIATH! The french pronounce it like "gunyick" not even joking it was so weird, even the pre recorded spiel in the station said it like that. Anyway, THIS RIDE IS AMAZING! Better then Diamondback and Behemoth put together, and even I thought I would never say that knowing how much I worship both of those. Seriously Don't think this ride is meh because it's not even a true hyper coaster, It grabs you by the balls and takes you for one hell of a ride. Might be the ride with the most airtime that I've been on, every single hill even the turnaround gives sweet sweet air in the last row. Screw the people that say it has an unoriginal layout, I don't need anything but awesome airtime hills, and that's pretty much what Goliath is. Match made in heaven.


French Batman, a little rough around the edges but definitely very very intense like I've heard. it also had a really long line, popular with the Canadians


Le Cobra was better then I expected and I actually enjoyed it, I had the expectation of it being like an "Iron Wolf"


Le Monstre. Ok, I was sure this ride was gonna suck, but it's soooooooooooooo good, I don't even know why, It's like the beast all rough and outta control except there's actually some airtime and the drops are really steep and the entire ride is just crazy and insane, this ride literally scared me that's how f&%ked up and awesome it is. I LOVE LE MONSTRE and I was 99% sure I would never say that. La Ronde is full of suprises


Navigating La Ronde is pretty simple seeing as the whole park is like one straight pathway.


One other thing I liked alot about La Ronde is that fact that it's located in the actual city of Montreal, compared to being an hour away in the middle of nowhere like say Great Adventure?


Entrance, I have to say this is one of my favorite looking main entrances of any amusement park, there's just something about it.


Canadians have DOUBLE BIG MACS! Yes I ate one and it was delicious!


Everyone knows about the RCT monorail at La Ronde


They have a line jump task force, you're suppose to call the number. I wonder if anyone actually does?


The Tampon machine


Star of the show. Goliath


Cool Beans dude


French lesson for the day


The train FLIES over these hills, my sister and I came up with the conclusion that the train looked like a bunny just hopping over all the hills.




The new SLC


Lots and lots of interesting facts and such in the queue area


Le Namtab


Jelly Bean from hell


Misters were kinda pathetic


The GP seemed to like it


Always hated this part of SLC's


One of the best parts of Goliath


heading into the parking lot to get awesome shots of Orgasm: The Ride


First some support hugging


And some licking


This turn around might not look like much but it's fantastic!


This drop out of the turnaround is probably my favorite part of the ride


Hello everyone, go to La Ronde and ride this ride!


The transitions are awesome


partners in crime


orgasm right there


curvy bits


some bird made Goliath it's home


The entire ride


I have to say I was skeptical that Goliath would kinda suck like Raging Bull does, but it ended up whooping some major a$$


Riders enjoying Goliath


the ole white knuckle journey


fence got in the way


again with the dang fence


When I make a PTR I always try to get the most pictures of rides that I feel other people didn't include many pictures of, in this case It's Goliath.


For anyone that's been on it before, what do you think of it?


I really don't know if I like the old or new B&M hyper trains better


The first drop is actually really good even though it's not completely 200ft like other hypers


airtime galore


pure floater goodness


there's also some areas that provide ejector air


oh look Goliath goes 90 DEGREES!


sick of the Goliath photos yet? No? GOOD!


almost a full train


I liked this little hump at the end alot


the twisty part is also very good


First drop goodness


I'm running out of Goliath captions


Goliath Photos are taking over the world


Ok, last one


Toboggan Nordique, we rode this first thing in the morning to avoid the hour long line it gets.


another B&M


This one was actually very very good.


So, we were dancing in line and the people on the stairs over there tried to be sneaky and take a picture of us, like how dare right? So I turn around and I'm like "Smileeeeeeee" little did I know my camera was in video mode, so you get this photo instead.


Incase you forgot what a Namtab looks like


Le Cobra


The restraints were interesting


not quite the airtime that skyrider at CW gave, but still good.


Incase you forgot the name of the ride


weird restraint




"Le Breakdowneveryfiveminutessowecan'tgetthecredit"


This was in line for attempt two on the boomerang I believe


the train has some weird chocolate milk theme going on or something, it was strange.


I actually really liked this ride


However the restraints hurt a bit


Le Monstre is a really good ride, I don't care what anyone says


Interesting that one side opened a year before the other


Don't give a little girl the camera


Le Amazing, I hated this ride just because it beat X2 in the Tournament of Thrills, but now that I've ridden it I love it


we rode 3 times


Observation tower


Ednor, I have to say I really like how the ride is pretty much completely over the water


I miss Goliath


Random souvenir bottle photo


on our third attempt at the boomerang the sky got really dark and it started raining, closing the rides. At this point we decided we'd had enough of La Ronde and called it a day.

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If you didn't ride the flats at Canada's Wonderland, you REALLY missed out. We don't have the greatest coasters, but our flat collection is quite possibly the best in North America! Hopefully next time you make it up you'll be able to give them all a spin.


We do love our Behemoth, after riding Diamondback and Carowind's Intimidator, I can definitely say Behemoth has the best air time. I'm disappointed you didn't have a great ride on Vortex. Rode it last night and it gave an extremely smooth ride. I've ridden Flight Deck/Top Gun (clone of Vortex) at King's Island numerous times and every time have found it to be much more rough than Vortex. I guess you just got a bad ride on it.


Wild Beast also was running very well last night, could have easily marathoned it without any issues. And as for the Bat, it's definitely not the worst Boomerang out there but it can give rough rides. Hopefully under the ownership of Cedar Fair, North America's highest attended seasonal park will continue to receive great coasters like Behemoth.


Glad you thought we have a really nice park! It's definitely a huge reason why so many families come back year after year. Hope you get to come back sometime soon!

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Glad you thought we have a really nice park! It's definitely a huge reason why so many families come back year after year. Hope you get to come back sometime soon!


Oh don't worry I'll be back soon,my parents LOVE Toronto, the only flat we rode was the claw of doom thingy by Behemoth which was decent, I really wanted to ride shockwave but I guess we got carried away with other things, just more of a reason to return I guess.


Weird that you liked Goliath more than Behemoth! I haven't ridden either but Behemoth always looked like the more interesting coaster to me. Great TR!


See that's what one would think, I was almost sure I would like Behemoth alot more, but there was just something about Goliath that made it completely awesome! I would say it has more Airtime then Behemoth and that's probably the reason why

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La ronde better than Candas Wonderland? I could not disagree with you more here. Types of rides don't even come into the equation when operations are as bas as they are at La Ronde. I have been to La Ronde once each year for the last three, and every year it gets worse. I am pretty confident in saying that La Ronde has the worst operations of any park in the world (and the rides themselves are mediocre, making it even more upsetting).


From what I have read about Fuji-Q, I think La Ronde is giving them a run for their money...

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I'm also gonna disagree about La Ronde being better than Wonderland. My home park is Wonderland, so I am a little biased, but I was very disappointed with La Ronde. Wonderland's operations are light years ahead of La Ronde's. To go to Canada's Wonderland for park opening, you would probably wait in a little line for parking and most, if not all of the booths will be open. La Ronde on the other hand, saw a 30 minute wait for me to get in to park, with only half of their booths open. Then it took another half an hour to buy admission tickets. Yet again, only half of their ticket windows were open. Once I actually got in the park, the ride operations were terrible. If it weren't for a gold Flash Pass (best $50 I've ever spent), I wouldn't have ridden anything that day. That said however, I do agree that Goliath is better than Behemoth. Also, you weren't missing out on anything by not riding Ednor or Le Boomerang.


If it weren't for the Northeast Trip stopping there next year, I probably would never go back to La Ronde.

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See alot of people disagree, but when I judge a theme park I judge it for what I like, which is thrill rides, I mean sure the atmosphere and operations have something to do with the decision, but to me the rides are the most important because that's what I'm there for. To me canadas wonderland just doesn't cut it right now, maybe if cf invests into the park then a few years from now my opinion might be changed. I like La Ronde better because even though it's kinda small and the operations sucked, In my opinion they had way better rides. When I was at canadas wonderland I was literally dreading riding everything knowing how horrible most of the coasters would be, it's something to brag about if you have 15 coasters and at least like half of them are reridable, but canadas wonderland had maybe 3 coasters I would reride, the rest were just downright uncomfortable and not fun.


But that's my opinion on the two.

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I think that you missed a lot of Wonderland by not riding the flats. When I go to Wonderland, the only roller coasters I ride with any regularity are Behemoth, Vortex, Thunder Run and Dragon Fire. I spend most of my days on the flats.


Did you get a big a laugh out of La Ronde's 3/4 S&S shot tower as I did? That thing is hilarious to look at.

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See I really don't care to much about flats unless there like a screamin swing or a drop tower, I don't think the flats would have really made that drastic of a difference, but that's just the kind of person I am, i dont hate CW though I'm completely planning on going back soon to see if I missed anything.


And yeah that S&S tower at La Ronde just looks ridiculous, I didn't ride it however because I didn't think it was worth waiting for.

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This is definitely one of the best trip reports I've ever seen from LaRonde. You really covered most of the park in your pictures.


I have to say, as far as LaRonde goes...I just went two weeks ago for my first time, and operations were god awful. One train operations on EVERYTHING. Luckily, it poured that day so the park was 99% dead...but I still had to wait a little for Le Monstre, and never saw Cobra open =( Also, the parking lot toll booth attendant went from being pleasant to terribly rude to me the second she saw my Six Flags New England season pass, and then told me LaRonde wouldn't honor my SFNE parking pass.


On Goliath, I also thought it was crazy how they pronounce it "goalEEauth", but say the "goal" and "auth" so fast that it's nearly impossible to hear what they say. I REALLY liked Goliath as well, but I have to say, it's nothing compared to Apollo's Chariot, and Nitro is a *little* better too. But, the first drop gives an amazing pull, and every hill delivers some substantial floater airtime. Not quite what you'd expect from the least of Intamin's airtime hills, but definitely nice and floaty. I'd also have to agree on the turnaround and the twisty jump-over on the return trip. The turnaround was better than Nitro's hammerhead, and the jump-over twist was more effective on Goliath than on Apollo's Chariot. I'd call it a solid top-25 ride.


Le Vampire is incredible. I've only been on two BTRs...this one and Batman at Six Flags Great Adventure. Batman is my least-favorite of all the B&M inverts I've been on, and Le Vampire has to be one of the best. Such an intense, smooth, consistent ride. Before I rode Le Vampire, I didn't quite "get" BTRs...now I get it.


You didn't miss anything with Le Boomerang or Ednor. Le Boomerang kicked my a$$, and I normally like Boomerangs. It was just awful...those old trains have hard "padding" on the back that pushes into your shoulder blades, so you have to deal with that plus headbanging. I just wanted it to end.


Ednor...average for an SLC. I wish they had invested in the new trains like Morey's did. It wasn't as hellish as Mind Eraser at Darien Lake, nor was it as smooth as Mind Eraser at SFA. It was in the middle, about on par with SFNE's SLC. Definitely ride-able, but only a few times, and not worth more than a few trains' wait.


Now, there is one thing I have to completely disagree on. I HATED Le Monstre. Maybe you got a good seat, but this is right down there with Rolling Thunder for one of the worst coasters I've ever been on. It shuffled, shook, re-adjusted my spine, and then to top it off, every time the train hit a coat-hanger turn, the metal seat belt attachment on the side of my seat would jam into the side of my leg. The bruise still hurts if I poke it, 2 weeks later.


I had a decent day at the park overall, but then, when we left, I was stopped in traffic on the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, and got SLAMMED from behind by a guy in a Dodge Ram not paying any attention. Dodge Ram + Mazda3 = not good. My baby is still bruised and waiting through the international insurance process =(

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Thanks everyone, I'm working on TGE right now so that should be up soon.


Le Monstre is one of those rides that I just like because it terrifies me, It IS one of the roughest, shuffliest, back bending rollercoasters I've been on, but something about the ride just clicked with me making me love it to death, I feel like im going to die while i'm on it and when a ride does that to me I love it because most rides just don't do that anymore. Like every time I ride X2 (which is my favorite roller coaster) it scares me to death when the seats flip over at the bottom of the first drop and that's what i love in a rollercoaster. It's sorta how I like the Beast at KI, one of the roughest rides in the world but it's a ride you just gotta love for the experience.


Robby "There's a few exceptions in life" Mitsos

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The Great Escape

I'll first start off by saying that The Great Escape is a very beautiful park and the entrance area is simply stunning with the theming added to the buildings, it's something you wouldn't expect from Six Flags, and I like it


The great escape has a cute little family atmosphere to it which kind of gives it it's own charm which I really liked about the place, everything just seems to fit and it works.


Ride wise theirs not really anything too amazing, You have the comet which was pretty decent but I wasn't really feeling that well when we were at The Great Escape so the airtime made me feel like I was gonna puke, because of that I only rode once, but I'd love to come back and marathon, it is definitely a good ride from what I could tell from my one ride.


The other thing I liked about the great escape is that it's one of those parks that the lines just don't get long, everything was a station wait besides the Alpine Bobsled because of the horrible capacity but hey I'll let it fly.


It might be kind of hard to amuse yourself at the great escape for an entire day so it's best to just go for a few hours, unless you're also going to the waterpark, then I'm sure you could make it the entire day, but if your planning and wondering how long you need, we were there for about 4 hours and saw the entire place.


One more thing I would like to point of was the S&S double tower called Sasquatch, I'm not sure what Sasquatch has to do with a drop tower but I loved the name it was just quirky and cool haha. Also it was probably the most intense S&S turbo drop I've ever been on, some of them are kinda lame, but this one was on full force grab you're balls and yank you down kinda drop. Really good drop tower!DSC06409.jpg.f6eeecd112ae1710c8f17e6be64a606f.jpg

Tree's are everywhere


Tree's are everywhere


Tree's are everywhere


Tree's are everywhere


Tree's are everywhere


Tree's are everywhere


Tree's are everywhere


Things at this park just looked nice, starting with this sign


an Arrow looper, kinda on the rougher side, scratch that really on the rougher side


The paint looked fantastic though


Ticket booths


They only have one train and foot pedal release restraints but we only had to wait for 2 trains.


Kinda crawled through the corkscrews


This ride was closed when we walked by..


But it was testing so we stuck around


Canyon Blaster. Apparently it was closed because some guy tried to get out of the restraint while the ride was going because it hurt his legs, the op's were talking and I guess they banned him for a year, this is why you should always stay in your seat kids!


but it opened and ran one cycle (which we were on) then it broke again. not sure if it reopened, but nonetheless we got the credit!


another one of these lovely things, I don't mind boomerangs, it's just when so many parks have them they become repetitive and boring.


This one wasn't half bad, they don't bother me half as much as SLC's and weird wooden torture devices like Medusa at Six Flags Mexico (yes I've been there, and no I'm not going back, EVER)


call me crazy but I like the way the wraps look on this ride.


we've all seen a boomerang before, but have you seen THIS boomerang? huh? huh?


They obviously didn't care much about the girl in the front with her camera out


we waited 50 minutes for this ride. the line moved veryyyyyyy slow, and the last row was closed off for some reason


these things are pretty fun though so it's ok


blame Canada! blame Canada!some of the waterpark, with ze comet in the back


some of the waterpark, with ze comet in the back




It's a fun little zippy ride


He does the ACER pose better then I can.....


red train


blue train


this ride looks so much like it has a wooden frame even though it's steel


overall it's the star attraction at The Great Escape


They had this weird alice and wonderland thing


you go through here and there's a room with an oversized kitchen table set then you walk outside around a garden and that's about it


stole a little girl and got my credit, these are by far my worse favorite kiddie coaster. I hate how some parks claim you need a kid when other parks with the exact same model say you don't


I like this bridge


only the best drop tower name ever


everything looked brand new


clicker. they used these at SFKK too


I've now seen all types of S&S towers


This is what you see when you walk in the park, only difference is were leaving now


some random pig



Sasquatch! I have to say though, those seem like some pretty ugly/dull colors. but whatever I love the Sasquatch!

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Nice TR! Great Escape is my home park...and it's kind of one of those love/hate things for me. There are never any lines, so once you've been there a million times, you basically cover the entire park in 1.5 hours tops. The Comet is always worth riding, Alpine Bobsled is amazing and has sadly been reportedly up for removal for years, Sasquatch was a great addition for 2009 and is actually Sonic Slam and Bayou Blaster from Six Flags New Orleans, and Steamin Demon is always worth a good back-seat ride for some good drop airtime.


Other than that, the park has been horribly neglected by Six Flags. With the operational cuts made this year by management, the already short business hours were cut even farther, and it's been years since the days where you could have night rides on The Comet.


It's really nice to see someone cover this park every now and then, though. Thanks!

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The one thing I appreciate about both of these Canadian parks is their flat ride line-up.


CW may be deficient in the quality of their coasters (outside Behemoth) but I can overlook that with their flats.


LaRonde has two awesome coasters in Goliath and Vampire and a quality flat ride selection but the operations are horrendous.

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