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Cloverdale [RCT2]

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Having not played any of the roller coaster tycoons since I moved into my new apartment and bought a Mac, I picked up a PC at a pawn shop for a very cheap price. So granted I can't play RCT3 I can still run RCT2. So I thought I'd share a little park I started working on last week. Also, just going to say this park is not going to have any custom scenery.


Cloverdale, located in Indiana is in the process of being constructed as we speak. So far they have the enterance plaza, an observation tower, a restaurant located on one of the two man-made lakes, a water coaster with a very unique first half, and a jungle themed section with one generic wild mouse coaster, a plaza, and a car ride as of now. I hope to make it back to the park to snap a few more pictures in the coming weeks.


Now, onto what we all came for, the pictures


The 'unique' first half the water coaster, Shoot-The-Rapids!


The two enterance buildings that house Information Kiosks and places to catch a quick snack before your long day :)


Round Up, the parks scrambler ride. Works coming along nicely one the walkway :)


The second half to Shoot-The-Rapids. The landscaping sure must've taken a long time to make all those man made hills.


'The Cove' the unique restaurant located on the edge of one of the lakes has been fully completed. Sure is a unique building!


'The Trap' a generic wild mouse located in the jungle area of the park. Even though I'm still not sure how I feel about the name :/


The newest addition so far is this eating plaza in the jungle section. Here you can pick up your favorite food for the whole family :)


an overview of the park so far. There's so much room for expansion! Stay tuned!

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I got a chance to swing by the park today. Alot more has been completed. Lets take a look shall we


The new 'Jungle Sweets' bakery has finished construction just next to The Trap! Full of all your favorite sweets!


The new launched freefall ride, which still remanes nameless has finished construction and most of the themeing as well :D


another angle of the unnamed launched freefall ride. Also showing off the new restrooms that were just installed :)


An overview so far of the jungle area


I've heard rumors of a kiddie land going in in this area. What do you guys think?


Just some more themeing done to the Shoot-The-Rapids ride. I think its coming along nicely. I can't wait to see more!

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Well, it's already better than the movie, because I'm not getting a headache by looking at it.


Some flats over the water would be wicked for the kiddieland. So, I'd say go ahead with it.


The first named that popped into my head when I saw the tower surrounded by jungle water was the Diharea Drop , but I don't think the guest would much care for that.


You have a mighty fine park on your hands. Don't let its beauty become a burden.

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I must inform you guys that I will no longer be the one sharing updates for the park. Instead we have one of the men in charge of the whole project.


Hello all, My name is Michael Scarn and I am in charge of the up and coming amusement park Cloverdale. I will be sharing the updates with you guys from now on. Constructions coming along nicely. We hope to have everthing finished in time for opening season.


Looks like the dippin dots guy was wrong. This is Timberfalls, the parks log flume. I think it fits very nicely into this space of the park. Don't fret, the appropriate actions have been taken and the dippin dots man is 'no longer with us' :)


Another view of Timberfalls


overview of the park so far. Once the 'circle' has been completed we'll be open for the season.

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Hello all, Michael Scarn here again With a rather large update and teasers for you. All whole new section is in the process of being added. The new section is called Baltic Boardwalk. So far in the area we have introduced a new restaurant simply called Franks. It offers outdoor seating as well as indoor. A bumper cars has been added also. But the two large additions are something really special.


The first is the parks 5 star restaurant on the side of the lake just opposite the entrance of the park. Doolittles is a lovely dining experience for the whole family serving the best in 5 star cuisine. Also, whats this i see in the foreground??


Doolittles also offers outdoor seating on lovely lake clover. This is sure to be a favorite of everyone in the park.


You can see the view doolittles offers to everyone and its location. Not to mention some more of that strange yellow track..


you can see Franks in the bottom left as well as, whats this I see. Invictus, the parks Mega-Lite coaster built by Intamin. Hope to see more of this coaster!

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Like the Doolittles building but don't like the bushes continuing onto and above the first roof. They have a great vine affect up to the point of the roof after that no so much. Love the wood at the top of the Launch Free Fall. Can't for the life of me remember what real park that has a tower like that but do remember seeing it.

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