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Scorpion's Tail - looping water slide

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You must be relatively new to the news. Multiple AquaLoops have been installed throughout Europe, and there is one in Ixtapan, Mexico. The only "first" this slide can claim is being the first AquaLoop in the United States.




Slovenia (THIS one was the first)

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Though I have not ridden one of these slides, I have to say the most intimidating part is not the going upside down part. It is the waiting in the release room just waiting for the floor to drop.


FOR SURE. I've done Scorpion's Tail this year, and fortunately picked a good day. Walked on several times, although I was told there can be up to a 2 hour wait.


Standing in that "phone booth" waiting to be dropped is intense!

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^^^I haven't seen a picture of that thing, holy cow that looks really cool!


^^Probably to reel in people, I don't think there would be an advertisement saying "(insert State's name here)'s first INCLINED HELIX"! Though, they could show people the reality of the slide and actually say that.


I have ridden Scorpion's Tail and yes, the intense part is the trap door room/phone booth! What I especially like about the slide is how theres only a sprinkle of water doing down the first drop to make you go super fast, then theres a flood of water to slow you down.

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I went to Noah's Ark a couple of days ago, and the park was PACKED. 30-60 minute waits for the big slides... Got on all the major ones though, except Scorpion's Tail. The wait started right before the 60 minute sign, so I joined. 35 minutes later, I am at the freakin' 45 minute sign - that's where I left queue. (I have never done that before on any ride, btw.) The capacity of this thing is IDIOTIC for such a big park. It did look like fun, though...


And as a side note, master blaster slides are AWESOME.

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