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What's New for 2011? Rides/attractions

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2 More things


Silver Dollar City adding new kids area "Half Dollar Holler" (Wow that makes us midwesterners sound like hicks)



Whit Water Branson looks like it refurbing and improving the lazy river with Aloha River @ Hula Hula Bay


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Another B&M flyer to add to the collection...

The coaster is opening up at World Joyland. Also the name of the coaster is Starry Night Ripper lol. Yeah, interesting.


A link to World Joyland is included already in this thread. www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=817281#p817281


Details of the B&M Flyer can be found there.

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Regarding World Joyland (and the other three new parks) - Everything in these parks will be new, so individual rides are not listed here.


Walibi World now appears in the "Europe" section.


Rethemed rides are not listed if only the theming is new.

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Hmmmm. It now appears a Mack LSM may be joining this list... Very mysterious coaster thus far however... Never even heard of "Etnaland." http://www.rcdb.com/9549.htm


It seems that Etnaland is a waterpark (and a fairly good looking one at that) in Sicily. From their map it looks like the new mack ride is some sort of splash boat. But since I can't read Italian and I don't see it mentioned on the english version of the website, I could very well be wrong.



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Looks like that mystery orange and blue coaster track spotted headed to the northeast will be for the new "50 foot tall, orange and blue spinning" ride Lake Compounce hinted at. Between this and Untamed at Canobie, and a new mouse at SFNE, it's a good year for New England coaster fans.

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Between this and Untamed at Canobie, and a new mouse at SFNE, it's a good year for New England coaster fans.


And don't forget Wooden Warrior and two new mountain coasters (that will be completed shortly) in the region.


Yes, it should be looked at as a good year for the region, but I'm sure there will be plenty of complaints.

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Adventure Island at Southend (UK) are getting a new ride called G-Force, what is going to be is unknown but it is on the website. Who said the British Seaside Resort was dead!


Cool, keep me in the loop, when more info is available I'll add it to the first page of the thread

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Ocean Park in Hong Kong just added to the top of park, over the Ocean Express funicular top station, a new flat ride. I cannot tell the model name, but the park official youtube channel just added a video of it:

It just opened, but I think you can still call it a new for 2011 attraction. The name is The Flash and it wasn't open yet when I visited in mid october.


Walibi World is losing a coaster! Compagnie des Alpes in France just announced they are moving the Wild Mouse to their small Mer de Sable park near Parc Asterix. The new name will be "La Mine Bleue" (The Blue Mine) and it will be a replacement of the SBNO Train du Colorado.

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Per Idlewild's website:


Family Wave Pool Coming to Idlewild & SoakZone for 2011 Season


New water attraction will appeal to entire family at World's Best Kid's Park


Summer thrill seekers are invited to "catch a wave" this season at Idlewild & SoakZone when the park debuts an exciting new addition to its waterpark. A multi-million dollar family wave pool will replace Idlewild's aging swimming pool built in 1931.


"This wave pool is a thrilling addition that will take the excitement of the SoakZone to a whole new level for our Guests", said Jeff Croushore, park spokesperson. "We've already been recognized as the "Best Children's Park", but this attraction's appeal to kids and adults, will help bolster Idlewild's reputation of being one of the best parks for the entire family!"


Following intermittent periods of calm water conditions, a signal will sound and the pool will generate waves at timed intervals, allowing swimmers to ride the tide. The park plans to keep the velocity of the waves at a level that will offer a thrill to older guests but still allow younger children to enjoy the fun.


The new pool will feature a zero depth entry at its shallow end and a depth of 6' at its deepest, with the following additional statistics:


· Water Capacity: 280,600 gallons

· Total Water Volume: 7,508 cu. ft.

· Water Surface Area: 14,728 sq. ft.

· Deep End Width: 70 ft.

· Shallow End Width: 137 ft.

· Pool Length: 182 ft.


The "beach" area surrounding the wave pool will feature chaise lounges offered first-come, first-served, and cabanas that guests may rent as a shady spot to escape the summer sun.

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This update is probably not worthy of the front page. However, my home park these days is this Waterpark.


Golfland Sunsplash in Mesa AZ is getting a Proslide Behemoth Bowl for 2011. It is not officially announced yet, but they sent me an e-mail after an inquiry via e-mail. Larrygator, I can provide the e-mail to you if needed.

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