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What's New for 2011? Rides/attractions

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^ I'll leave it up to Larry if he wants to include those, but I'm not sure they are major enough of attractions. I mean, realistically almost every park will add "something" for 2011, but we are trying to keep this to major new attractions or re-themes.



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I'm not sure if you want to add water park additions, but Water Country USA is doing a 2-year expansion along with BGW to be announced this Saturday, September 18.


Also, Morey's Piers is adding at least one slide to their Ocean Oasis water park, but I'm not sure when they are going to announce it.

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Just a quick thing - Transformers is listed for just Singapore in this thread. It links to the Transformers thread which is for both USH and USS, so I don't know if you'd just want to add it to the USA section in this thread or something like that. Not a big deal, but the one thing I noticed missing. Other than that, this is a really fantastic thread! I'd forgotten about a lot of these, so it was nice to go back and check on the progress the rides are making. Thanks for putting this together!

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