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Knott's Haunt - 2010 Enthusiast Event!

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This is an absolutely amazing event and I will be in LA that day but I'm flying to Orlando that day as well, damn I'm bummed out. Oh well, I'm going to KSF on the Thursday before so hopefully it won't be too crowded.


I hope this will become an annual event so I can plan for it in the future.

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Thanks for putting this together! Looks like quite an awesome event-I'm definitely going to make this one.


I've always been a fan of Knott's and an annual passholder every year since 2004, and go there fairly often. I very much enjoyed the hospitality the park showed us at West Coast Bash, and really looking forward to this. I might even take advantage of the hotel deal too.


I have been waiting for some kind of Haunt related TPR event, and I echo the sentiment many have already stated that this is a really good deal. Ordering my tickets next week, I am going to attempt to convince a friend of mine to come along as well. Although I am confident it will be a blast, I doubt that anything at Haunt will frighten me as much as thinking of trying out Windseeker in 2011.....that is the only ride I have seen in years that I am actually terrified to go on!

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I really like this, is anyone from the bay area in cali going? I would love to tag along with u, I can pay gas and help with hotel, I have anyways wanted to go but I dont drive, if someone could help me out it would be great, if we could go to universal for that haunt the night b4 that would be great too, please if anyone is going message me thanks alot : )

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We have an update to this event!


Robb Alvey WILL be dressed up as a "ScareActor" and featured in one of the mazes during Halloween Haunt on this night!!!


That's right everyone! As if I wasn't scary enough, Knott's is going to dress me up and throw me in a maze! If you want to see this in person (and maybe even get a photo with yours truly all ghouled up...REGISTER FOR THE EVENT!!!)


To register by phone, call this number: 714-220-5298


Tell them you are registering for the "October 3rd Haunt Enthusiast Event" The deadline to purchase tickets via phone is Friday, September 24, 2010 1:00PM

Pacific Time.


f you are paying by check/money order, please download the flyer on page 1 of this thread and mail your payment to:

Knott’s Berry Farm

ATTN: Group Reservations/Abir Charara

8039 Beach Blvd

Buena Park, CA 90620


If paying by check/money order, your payment MUST arrive by Friday, September 17, 2010.


I look forward to scaring you on October 3rd!






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oh wow!!! I wish I could go to this event....but instead...I AM WORKING THIS DAY! @HAUNT!! hehehe I'll be scaring everyone. hehehe I hope I see you before your transformation Robb hehehe for everyone else who is debating on going...PLEASE ITS SOO WORTH IT!!! not to mention everything is awesome!!!

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I think Robb just thinks they`re gonna dress him up. The truth is : They want him for the maze because there`s no need to dress him up...I mean, not at all !


I still remember the day when I met Robb for the first time and I asked him to get out of that terrible costume...and he just asked : "What costume are you talking about ???"...



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In order to properly scare coaster enthusiasts Robb will be dressed and an OTSR.


No, an Intamin cable!


LOL! I vote he wears a Vekoma shirt and chases people trying to give them front of the line passes for Boomerang. In hell, all coasters are Boomerangs. Frightening.

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Now I wonder what maze paranormal Robb will be in...


I've ruled out being someone in the Doll Factory doing that robot dance, perhaps not a pole dancer in Club Blood, Slaughterhouse and Cornstalkers are unworthy of Robb, probably not the flume or the train. Will Robb be in 3D or worse?

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Robb's jacket of patches must be brought back for this one night only event! Oh the horror!

I so wish I could make it this year, but funds are very tight for the time being and I have decided to go to HHN this year and take my first break from haunt in 7 years. Have an awesome time everyone!

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Oh man Robb scaring? Wish my parents would let me go places on school nights . Well if anyone is in the Socal area, or even the Anaheim/Buena Park area, come by and visit me at The Empty Grave at the Anaheim Gardenwalk! I'll be working there as a scareactor and it would be great to see some TPR people come through! Bummed I'm missing out on seeing this in person, but I look forward to seeing all the pictures from this event of epic proportions!


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