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Anyone still care about the Emmy's?


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I actually watched a bit of it last night and a few things were very cool.


Now that I've 'slightly' gotten into Glee I thought the opening was very cute. Loved the use of Hurley and Kate Gosselin!


Some of the little parodies were also really good. I seriously was laughing out loud during the Modern Family / George Clooney thing.


Jimmy Fallon didn't seem like the most amazing host, but I've seen worse.


Bummed that Lost pretty much got shut out.


Your thoughts?

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I watched it last night on a whim because my schedule was pretty open during and after dinner.


I am by no means a Jimmy Fallon fan, but he was very enjoyable compared to some recent hosts (I'm looking at you, Ricky Gervais).


I was so so so glad that Modern Family won Outstanding Comedy. That show has one of the best ensemble casts I have ever seen. Eric Stonestreet's acceptance speech was also very well done and from the heart. It made me glad to be a fan of the show. I am as well a Glee fan so I enjoyed seeing Jane Lynch's well-deserved win.


Also, I'm pretty sure every Lost fan knew that Mad Men was going to win 3 years running. It's like a fact at this point that it will win. It's like 30 Rock of several years ago.

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I'm glad to see some love for Modern Family.


I usually can't stand ABC Sitcom's but this one is quite different and REALLY enjoyable. I encourage anyone who hasn't seen it to give it a try. Try two or three episodes and I think you may enjoy it.

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I freaking love Modern Family!


After just watching the most recent season of Dexter, I really wish Michael C. Hall would have won, but then again, I've never seen an episode of Breaking Bad.


As for the overall awards show, I enjoyed the first half but lost interest about halfway through. Sometimes I find Jimmy Fallon to be really irritating, but he was a mostly decent host. The opening segment was cute!

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I've never cared about the Emmy's. I've never watched the show.


I was actually glad to see some of the Glee nominations, though, and am happy for Jane Lynch.


I love Edie Falco, but I hate Nurse Jackie. At least the two episodes that I watched. Couldn't take anymore, after that.


Love Jim Parsons in The Big Bang Theory.


I think those are the only shows I've seen. I guess I'll have to check out Modern Family, if it's available online. I just really can't stand that guy from Married with Children, in anything that I've seen him in.

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Since the invention of the DVR, I have been watching more and more awards shows. I like being able to fast forward through boring parts.


I am kind of over Glee but still thought the intro was great and I really liked Jane Lynch's speech. I have been a fan of hers for many years and I am glad to see her get some recognition. She is almost the only reason I watch Glee anymore.


Modern Family is an excellent show. I said the exact same thing about it feeling like early seasons of The Office on Sunday night to my friend! I think almost anybody could pick up on an episode of Modern Family and enjoy it without knowing a lot about the show. I hope it can stay this good!


I was also glad to see a return to a more classic look for awards shows at the Emmys. I loved Claire Danes' dress. Anybody else notice that one lady (I believe from Modern Family?) that was wearing the strapless sweetheart neckline white dress? I was just waiting for her to pop out of the top!

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Lost deserved much better!


And so did "Better off Ted," a recently cancelled but incredibly funny show.


I dont think the people who decide on these awards even watch all that much television.


I watched one episode of Better Off Ted and I have to say, it was very smart and somewhat funny but I just couldn't get over the intense smarminess of that show! Also, why couldn't the name have been "Wanted Ted or Alive"? Or "Ted Man Walking"?

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I enjoyed the show for the most part. I was also a bit upset that LOST got shut out, but LOVED all of the love for Modern Family. It's such a great show, I hope it's 2nd season is good as well.


Also, a VERY well deserved win for Jim Parsons from the Big Bang Theory and Jane Lynch who I've loved for years in the Christopher Guest movies. And a really big shocker that Edie Falco won for Nurse Jackie. IMO this was also well deserved. If you haven't seen this show, you need to. It's great, and she's great in it.


I really can see why the Networks don't want to run the Emmy's anymore though, the last hour or so (Between TV Movies and Drama) were pretty much an advertisement for HBO, AMC, TBS, etc.


As for Jimmy Fallon, I thought he did a pretty good job. He got a lot of his friends to do some cool things which was awesome.

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