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Geauga Lake Discussion Thread

P. 130: Park land purchased for retail, dining & commercial development

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Tear the damn thing down, save the trains, pay GCI to build something new, game over.


I mean seriously, Ive been following this thread and it is just ridiculous the idea of the whole project. Sure I would love to see the ride saved and moved and operated again somewhere, everyone would love to see it saved, I never got to ride it and did hear great things about it. But come on some things you jest need to let go. It would be different if there was a park that was willing to foot the bill for the relocation and refurbishment and rebuilding or even just a rich nut job to foot the bill to relocate to his private field or backyard. But with no money and no where to move the damn thing to why bother?


Its like you find a really old cool classic car rotting in a ditch that has been abandoned for 4 years and think hey I never got a chance to drive that so lets save that car! okay, do you have any money to tow it out of that ditch? no. Do you have any money to buy new parts that don't exist anymore? no. Do you know anything about rebuilding or refurbishing a classic car? no. Do you have someone to sell the cal to after we fix it up? no. Well then maybe we should just let it sit there and rot, okay? good idea.


The whole sell it to an engineering school thing sounds like a good idea, but have you ever actually been to engineering school? I have, and I cant imagine how a wooden coaster would have benefited my engineering school experience that much. yeah it would have been a lot of fun, but way more expensive that its worth, and really not that useful in teaching engineering concepts. Yeah you can illustrate some physics and structures and some other stuff with it, but so can a 50 dollar text book and a field trip which after i do the math is a lot less that the hundreds of thousands of dollars to operate and maintain a working wooden coaster. Just because you learn about the mechanics of jet engines and propulsion and lift and drag doesn't mean your school needs to buy an F-15 to teach lab class in.

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^Then again, when was the last time they updated their site, other than to restrict comments?


EDIT: OK, they're up to 384 bucks now.

LOL! Wow! That have DOUBLED their donations in the last 10 days! HOORAY!!!


I find it funny that they are focusing on T-Shirts and asking for materials to be donated to get them printed up. I'm picturing they get boxes of old rags or heavily used shirts where they write in Sharpee "Save the Big Dipper" on them.


In fact, we should do a photoshop contest for the T-Shirt design to help them out!


Do they not even realize that if they REALLY needed to, they can go to a site like Zazzle or Cafe Press, and yes while the quality is usually crappier, those sites do all the leg work, and you can still get a $5 - $10 kick back per shirt by doing nothing but uploading a T-Shirt Design?


Seriously, these people, sorry "Kat" (since there aren't "people" anymore on the project) is so inept and retarded that they don't even know how to use Google to make their jobs easier.



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Two updates today.


This past weekend was an exciting one for the Big Dipper project. I had the chance to visit the site in person for the first time and take stock of the coaster, the cars, and the current condition of everything involved.


The good news is – everything is in fantastic shape. Due to diligent maintenance when the coaster was operating, the use of pressure-treated lumber in the 1980 rebuild, and perhaps just some luck, the structure of the Big Dipper appears to be in much the same shape it was when the coaster was operating. The control panel and electronics are completely in tact, albeit slightly dusty. The cars do show some slight weather wear, but it all seems to be easily repaired and the cars will soon be protected from the oncoming winter snow. The condition of the coaster and all of it’s components is a large package of good news for this project, as it will greatly reduce rehabilitation costs.


There are areas that are becoming a bit overgrown, and my boyfriend and I will be getting to work soon on clearing out some of the trees and low-growing brush before it damages the structure.


We are working on getting T-shirts printed so you can show your support of the Save the Big Dipper project. We’ll have more information on that as we get it.


Also, for anyone who missed it, or doesn’t live in the Cleveland area, I did an interview with WKYC-TV news this past Sunday. You can read the article and watch the video here: http://www.wkyc.com/news/local/news_article.aspx?storyid=153937&catid=45


Pictures from my visit to the site will be posted as soon as possible.


She has finally been there! Progress and forward movement! Well, 'akshully,' she's still 'retarted.'


I have gotten information back from the engineering firm we have been discussing options with. Because a feasibility study and report have previously been compiled by this firm, we are able to get the results of this study for significantly less than it would cost us to bring them in and create a new report. The organization that previously hired them for the report has offered to release the results to us in exchange for a partial recovery of the costs they incurred in getting the study completed.


It is my hope that the T-shirt sales campaign will raise more than enough money to cover the cost of purchasing the results of the report and bring us one giant step closer to the successful relocation of the Big Dipper. While we already have a design for the T-shirts, we do need assistance in getting them printed. Anyone that is willing and able to donate materials, please contact me at kjones@savethebigdipper.org so that we can get things moving. Every day brings us a little closer to the day the Dipper flies again!


Engineering company? OMFG! She has been listening apparently. Only problem is that 98% of our advice flew over her head.

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So I wonder if they walked the entire track and examined the wood, saw if the steel track was still nailed to the wood in all places, inspected to see if any of the layers of track were cracked or damaged in any way, etc.; or if they just stood there and looked at it, saw it was still standing, had no clue in what to look for as far as wooden coaster maintenance is concerned, and then for the purposes of positive press, deemed it could "still run today if it had cars (trains??) on the track."






Edit: I just thought of a good analogy. In 2002, Rampage didn't run for the entire season because Visionland was bankrupt and couldn't afford to run it. In 2003, from all accounts, Rampage was almost unrideable because of how rough it was after sitting dormant with no maintenance for a year. At that point, Rampage was 5 years old. Big Dipper is 85 years old and hasn't run in over 3 years. That's the equivalent of the grandparents in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory getting up out of bed and jumping around singing "I Got A Golden Ticket."

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"my boyfriend and I will be getting to work soon on clearing out some of the trees and low-growing brush before it damages the structure."


just when you thought she was being even a tiny bit professional.


Ps. I anyone has any supplies they could donate like gloves, clippers, saws, ladders, dumpster, truck, jeans, shirts, hats, sock, shoes, and underwear, please let me know, and I will forward them to her.

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She has finally been there! Progress and forward movement!

Engineering company? OMFG! She has been listening apparently. Only problem is that 98% of our advice flew over her head.


I think you're completely missing something...


Let me translate her recent updates: "I went to go look at the ride for the first time this weekend and to my un-trained eye it 'looks' like it's in good shape, but really, I wouldn't know what wood rot looks like if it was chewing on my vagina. An engineering study had been done prior to us buying the ride, sure, and we haven't actually done an UPDATED engineering study since then, because, you know, we only have three hundred and eighty four dollars, but we're hoping to raise enough money with really cool T-Shirts to buy the the results of that study, which according to my quick phone call with the company that did the study, said the ride was in 'good shape', I guess, but really, we don't have a clue. Don't we look cute sitting in the train?"


Beyond that, I haven't seen ANYTHING from them that actually says "We have people working for us RIGHT NOW, that we have actually hired, and are currently in progress evaluating the ride as I write this, and everything we are saying is based on up-to-date studies that we have recently commissioned by professionals in the industry that know whey the are doing."


Look, I got those same emails from the APEX owner Tom back in 2008 that every other roller coaster and theme park organization did when they were shopping the ride then. He sent me the results of evaluation that was done then. I bet the engineering study Kat is talking about is the same one that was conducted in July of 2008 where it said it would cost about $700,000 to remove the ride, and that was over 2 years ago, and that was with going with APEX to remove it at a "discounted rate."


The whole thing seemed VERY sketchy then, but these guys actually found a sucker to buy the ride. Plain and simple, that's what it comes down to.


But again, many of us only speak from our personal and professional experiences which of course seem to be ignored by the owners.



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Anyone that is willing and able to donate materials, please contact me at kjones@savethebigdipper.org so that we can get things moving.


um, sure i will get right on that, i would much rather donate to cff, thank you. Not enough money to even print t-shirts much less buy a hammer. I would bet she spent part of that 384 dollars on gas to "survey" the ride this past weekend.

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The things men do to get laid [...]


Sure, if she was hot then I would totally trim some foliage under a doomed coaster... but, you know, just why?!


It is sad that this project is so misguided because it is always sad to see an old coaster be ripped down but it's just been one bad decision after another from the word go, it doesn't even seem to be a particularly popular ride to start with so why bother?!


Also, I think TPR/Prince Desmond/Rob(b) and Wes should totally try and save Eagle Fortress, you can bet your life that they would get ten times the donations Save The Big Dipper have got in the same time span because 1) it's actually a well liked coaster that a lot of people would probably like to save and 2) they'd actually do some proper marketing/business plans/surveys/costings etc. so that it was actually a viable option people could invest in!



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