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Geauga Lake Discussion Thread

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Hopefully this will finally make some people give up on the thoughts of it coming back (there is nothing there but broken concrete and old plumbing)

27 minutes ago, coasternut said:

^^ I hope they could save the Big Dipper, and run it which I think is still standing SBNO. It was one of my favorite woodies. I miss it.

Big Dipper has been down for years

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Being a CLE local I've been keeping an eye on these projects.  The housing development currently under construction on the old Sea World side also looks very nice, and in an area with excellent schools.  I may end up being a super nerd and look into buying one of the houses there. lol

I lost hope of GL coming back about a year or so after the parks closure.  I held onto some hope that a Indiana Beach type scenario could play out but I knew CF would never allow a buyer who wanted to rebuild.  

I then hoped for a small mix use development with a small FEC to be built.  Saving the Big Dipper.  But again, I knew CF really wouldn't go for anything that could maybe grow.  Even if in no way it could compete.  Just didn't think CF would go for it.  

This is a good compromise.  I'm happy something is being done and that it honors the history of the park.  It really could be a beautiful location.  I hope there is plans to keep a green space with maybe some trails around the lake itself.  

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21 minutes ago, operative_me said:

No, it was torn down a few years ago. A quick Google search will find you the video.

Or you could just go back a few pages in this thread to find all the unbridled joy this community was experiencing upon its demolition (which makes me a little sad, although as someone who grew up in Aurora, I may be somewhat biased)

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