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Most Intense Rides You've Been On

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I finally got my FireHawk credit at King's Island last week. The ride had some operational issues and I only got to ride it twice, but the second time I got on...the ride E-Stopped in the station...one of the restraints wouldn't lock. I waited on my back for 15 min til we were Evacuated...then got to wait in the queue until maintenence came and got the ride operational. The problem apparently was that one of the restraints in row 5 or 6 wouldn't lock, so they blocked off that seat. No big deal, but then we finally got reloaded on the ride and then my OTSR didn't lock either the first two times, and then it did. What was worse was that it seemed "loose" and I told this to the Ride Op, but he said, "Don't worry, it's locked, you're fine...." And mind you, I am the guy who usually leaves the restraints a little loose (if I can help it) on any ride. I love Negative G's, but that stupid little lock had me a bit frenzied as I rode.


I didn't think about that lock the first time I rode, but the second time (especially after the E-Stop) it was ALL I could think about while riding. That was Intense for me. I still smiled for the camera however.

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Stealth, Thorpe Park and Black Mamba, Phantasialand. Very intense and very good. Insane at my home park Gröna Lund is intense but after two seasons it's still no love affair between us. Sorry Insane, never going to be you and me i guess. I'm actually more fond of your little sister - Kirnu.

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Several coasters come to mind as really intense rides I've ridden.....


Voyage - That wonderful blend of sustained intensity, powerful speed, and airtime is the main reason it's my #1

El Toro - Most intense airtime I've experienced on a ride

TTD/KK - The raw power and intensity of the launch still takes my breath away

Phantom's Revenge - To me, the steel equivalent (for intensity) of Voyage....no mid-course, so it's all-out once it leaves the chain lift

Maverick - This coaster means business


I should add that although all of the above to me are very intense, not one of them do I consider rough (except for the back row "rattle" of KK and the need to somewhat ride defensively on Maverick).

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Definitely Voyage every time. It only gets better when the sun goes down!!!!! Never have I been on a ride that tops the non-stop sustained 3 minutes of intensity that Voyage offers. But along with voyage, Hades, Cyclops, Cornball Express, Raven, Legend and Hell cat all get honorable mentions. I wish all wooden coasters could have the sustained intensity that these coasters all offer!

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1. Voyage: I do find it rough and painful, but I don't care. It's easily the most amazing coaster I've ever ridden, and either my favorite or second favorite woodie (and possibly overall). It's relentless.


Honorable mentions:

Flight Deck (CGA): I've been on six Bolliger & Mabillard inverts, including three Batmans, and this is the only one to make me grey out. That happened to me on several other CGA coasters because of the heat, but I've heard it's not uncommon on Flight Deck so I chalk it up largely to the intensity of the ride.

Tatsu: This is overall a somewhat mild, even relaxing coaster, but that pretzel loop takes my breath away even as I'm about to scream. I can actually scream on S:UF's pretzel, but even that one is pleasingly intense.

Prowler: This is one of at least a few "perfect twisters" that GCI has made, and I feel it has the most intense character of the 5 I've ridden. Great first drop, decent airtime, plenty of unexpected twists and changes in direction...

Legend: Like Voyage, this is another "WTF" ride to me. Unlike Voyage it's not the greatest coaster I've ridden, but its unpredictability makes it quite endearing to me.

X2: I do feel this ride is somewhat gimmicky and I could see it becoming tamer and seeming more 'normal' the more I ride it. However, it's still the best and most intimidating steel I've ever ridden.

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Without a doubt, it's Voyage. Like pretty much everyone else in the thread has said, it's absolutely relentless. I love that about the ride and the fact that my butt is barely in the seat for the entire ride. Rounding out the intense list would be Top Thrill Dragster and Vampire (La Ronde). TTD's launch is one of the defining moments of my coaster life, just blowing me away the first time I experienced it. Vampire was my first Batman clone, and dear lord was that an intense ride.

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After riding Kingda Ka at night in the front row, I would have to go with that. Prior to this, arguably the most intense ride I have been on would be SFNE's Bizarro (Summit Plummet and Canada's Wonderland's Drop Tower are scarier, but they aren't as wild of a ride). The sudden launch is incredibly forceful and I could just feel the ride pushing against the skin on my face. Then, the massive top hat gave a major burst of floater air going over the top and the twisted plunge is incredibly disorienting. Kingda Ka may be a blur, but the whole ride is incredibly intense in the front seat, especially at night when it is your first time on it (like it was for me).


El Toro also deserves an honorable mention. That beast really is intense. Without a doubt, El Toro contains 4 of the most powerful moments of ejector air I have ever experienced. That alone makes the ride intense, but the twister section towards the end was really thrilling as well. The laterals and positive Gs during that section really caught me off-guard in a good way.

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Definitely Tatsu or Goliath.


Tatsu's pretzel loop caught me incredibly by surprise. I was only 10 or 11 when I rode it and I had no idea the pretzel loop would incur such high forces! I loved it!


Goliath's ending helices were so intense me and my little brother barely remember even going through them... I only remember trying to put my hand up but I couldn't.

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I've been on many intense coasters, many of which have already been named, so I'm not going to repeat all of them, but one ride that doesn't get mentioned a lot is MaXair at Cedar Point. By the cycle's end, I am on the verge of "seeing stars." The G forces on that thing are more than one would expect.

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