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Commerson's Island [RCT2]

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Commerson's Island was a park I made as a n00b a year ago. It is built on an edited version of the Alcatraz map with some CS (two objects, two paths, and some rides). Slowly, but surely I have been changing it from a very okay park to what I hope to be a great park... but keeping one thing the same... the record for most coasters... 24.


Here is the first thread for the park: Link


Some before & after,





Also now I'm building a hotel and small water park for the park on another map which should be finished soon.


Here are some of the better coasters,

Dive Bomber, Intamin Vertical Lift


Screaming, Intamin Accelerator


Panther, K&M Wooden Coaster


Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Ride, Intamin Blitz




City Coaster, My own idea for a wild mouse train to go through a track that is like a scaled down version of a B&M Hypercoaster


I hope you like it, updates coming soon.

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  • 1 month later...

Well, another long time-no see, but I'm back, FROM THE FUTURE!



Not much i can say about this park.. Everything seems to be crammed and rushed. But you have some good layouts and that's a win!

I always welcome criticism, but can you be a little more specific? like what areas you think could use some work? Then I can look into fixing it! *or ignore you completely*


James: Thanks!

Braztaz: Thanks also! Although I don't think the "cramped" feeling of this park will ever go away, because of what it is.

CC9: Stop bragging Thanks (CC9 has 1% of this park, for helping me with Dive Bomber's lift)


Now onto the park, I gave the park's Boardwalk area a huge refurb, making it actually have a Board Walk type feel


First off, Cyclone's station got some small changes, along with a small Pretzel shop.


A new coaster! The park's only Hybrid coaster, made by Gravity Group, is designed for kids, and also a nice view.

Also in the upper part of this pic is one of the park's new park wide wait-time boards.


Last, this pic shows multiple changes, including Hurricane's new station, a new hot dog restaurant (on top of the bumper cars), a new frog hopper, games, and an Ice Cream shop.


Also, I decided to get rid of two very unrealistic coasters... Currently a small garden is it their place.


And, that's all for this update! Hope you liked it! Criticism is welcomed!

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Dotrobot: Again, I still loves me some criticism, and thanks!

PsiRockin': Thanks! Yeah, this park is really fun to build in.

Rudie: Thanks! I aways kinda felt it's more of an inspiration of Cedar Point, and several rides from other parks.

Bob!: Yeah, the park is mostly NCS, with a few exceptions. Thanks!


It's not vary often that I would update a park only a few days after another update, but today is special... a year ago today I started the original thread for this park at the old Atari site.

So Happy 1st Birthday Commerson's Island!


To celebrate, here are two pics of the progress of the Hotel's water park's progress.

A small pool that simulates being in the ocean, but you're not! It's actually a small pool inches above the sea level, that's heated.


The more normal pool area has a wave pool, lazy river, and awesome slide.


That's all for now, more latter. I hope you like it! And you better have some gifts for Commerson, or you're not invited to the party

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  • 3 months later...

Thanks everyone!


Well, back again from a long time of nothingness, but back, and there'll be another update soon enough (next week or so...). Never the less, onto the update:

*This update is in the form of a trip report type update*


With the park opening in a couple of weeks on March 4th for the new season, along with the grand opening of the new hotel, the park offered a VIP tour for a small group. I was one :b

Anyway, all the rides were testing, except two, Raider's station was getting worked on. Also K&M's CEO, Perez III, was there for some Q&A. Someone asked why Rockin' America's construction had come to a stand still, his answer was problems with a Vekoma...........

I took two pictures of the event,

sters Int.bmp

First of all, the park's beautiful new entrance!

Great Coa.BMP

Shocking news for bobsled fans, Battleships is going away. Nothing new has been anounced, but that brings the park's count to 20, the lowest it has ever been for several years.


And that's all for now, you guys have any ideas about what will take Battle Ship's new empty beach? There's got to be some hints somewhere...

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  • 4 weeks later...

Thanks! I tried to go with an older looking entrance, to keep with the farmland's opening feel.


It's March 4th! The park has reopened after it's winter off-season, and almost all of the park's ride ops were working their a$$es off! This is probably due to K&M ent. new program that gives modest bonus to a group of ride ops for good capacity. Along with this, the hotel opened, although It was booked full, so I couldn't get in... but here's a quick update from the park:

D day.BMP

One of the things that amazed me was that BattleShips is already gone, and a great amount of terrain work has already started on it's site. I wonder if Commerson's Island is getting a terrain coaster next season? That'd be awesome!

Also the theater is gone, and was replaced by what looks to be the foot of a building, perhaps a dark ride awaits the future? Although I'm not to sure how that'd turn out... K&M ent. has yet to make a good one.


BattleShips' old maintenance bay, gutted, and now completely empty. Will the next ride reuse it?


Lastly, Raiders is still closed, and work continues in the station building, the ride's whole area was blocked off...


That's all for today, hope you liked! Next update will be sometime next week.

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^ Thanks!


I'm just going to get straight to the point here: NEW COASTER!

Here at our park, we're famous for having more coasters than anywhere else in the planet. And of these great coasters, there is a wonderful amount of variety: From taking a classic ride on an 100 year old roller coaster, to flying over the seas. From plummeting down a drop the exceeds vertical, to rushing through a fast paced adventure to save a ancient treasure... and now we will have a new addition that will be unlike any of these.


Our next coaster, the current 21st in our park and 28th coaster to reside here will be Operation: OverLord. Themed to the D-Day invasions of Normandy France during WWII, and residing on the Beach of our park's War Zone, the coaster will use terrain itself as one of the main elements of the ride, climbing up and down the beach in it's fast paced layout. But it won't only follow the terrain, it'll cut right through it twice with two caves that will add to the ride's awesome theming! Designed by GCI it'll also have great moments of air-time and a twisted layout. And the final element of this ride... well... that'll stay a secret for now.


Construction has already begun!



Secondly, I have four or so coaster that go into the ocean, and while this is somewhat "Unrealistic" the layouts and theming were good and I didn't want them to go... So I came up with this idea to add something to them, yes or no?

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  • 1 month later...

Thanks CC9! Took a little longer than it was supposed to, but the new coaster is finally done!


Operation: Overlord was the last step of converting the War Zone from not super specific war theme, to an all out WWII theme. The ride also split up the area into two parts, Germany with Dive Bomber and Aces; and Normandy, France with Overlord and "The Gun" flat ride.


An overview of the new ride

As seen here, the mentioned surprise was a dark-ride section with a second lift hill, the first of it's kind on a GCI, all of which is highly themed the WWII (which makes it awesomer)!


The entrance and line. The line features one similar feature that the old Battle Ship also had, a pass under Ace. Notice how many people are on Ace and The Gun compared to Overlord's line alone.


TWISTY! The ride has a large drop and bunny hill before the lift even starts, thus a fly-by!


This curved air-time hill is basically a symbol for the ride. The first lift drops into a cave, comes out and preforms this element, goes into another cave, and comes out in the spaghetti bowl of the last image.

CI Hacked.BMP

Seriously awesome air time! The ride's exit ramp provides some great picture opportunities as well.


This is the ride's dark ride section. Heavy themed to a Nazi fort, that the riders have to escape out of. The events within this building lead to the second lift, and the drop out of it, which is amazingly steep!


Hope you enjoyed this update! What's next? A refurbishment of an older area and the addition of the footers in the last update to the coasters that go over water. And don't worry... no new coasters :p

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