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Weather Policies for UK Parks

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I'm studying abroad in London now, and wanted to try to get to a park before classes start Monday. Chessington looked easiest, but I noticed the forecast was heavy rain. The price already seemed steep, and I don't want to spend it if I can't ride Vampire and Dragon's Fury. I need to buy my ticket by midnight to get 25% off, so can anyone tell me if these rides usually will operate in rain? I figure it rains here enough that they should...


While I'm at it, any other UK park weather advice would be helpful.



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Thanks.... After looking at Kobra I think I would like to make sure to get on it, so perhaps I'll try for a day with at least some predicted not-rain, and perhaps try getting used to using bus lines in the city before using them to go far out. Are any of the other parks extremely conservative (comparable to Cedar Fair?) or are most dependent on lightning?

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^You will find many of the major UK parks don't really get bothered by rain. Chessingtons only rides that can be effected by rain are Safari Skyway (Monorail over Zoo), Peeking Heights (Ferris Wheel) and if it is torrential rain sometimes Runaway Train. They are the only ones to worry about really.



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Thanks for the help. One more question- I was advised a few months ago that it was not too difficult to get buy one get one free vouchers for Merlin properties. I will be heading to Thorpe Park this Friday with a friend, one day after their online specials end. I can't go before Friday due to classes, can anyone point me to anything better than the 28 pounds online?

I know I could try to get 10 together for a group rate, but don't think I could organize it (especially convincing 8 party loving college students to be up at 8 AM).


Thanks again

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