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Phantom's Revenge Wedding

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When I asked my wife to marry me I asked her if she would marry me on the Phantom's Revenge Roller Coaster. She said she would. So on July 31, 2010 I was married on the platform to the Phantom's Revenge Roller coaster and then we completed the wedding ceremony with a ride on the coaster with the entire wedding party.


I would like to thank Kennywood Park for being very accommodating, Jeff Flicko and Andy Quinn for making it happen, my best friend Bill "the sound tech" for making the arrangements, the ride crew for their help, and Kenny Kangaroo for attending. Also thanks to all the people who had to wait in line while our marriage ceremony was taking place.


Here are a few photos of the wedding. Hope you enjoy the pictures We are off to the reception and

Honeymoon at Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens.


On ride photo


Here comes the bride


The wedding


The vows


With this ring


1st Ride as man and wife


Lost Kennywood




Carousel #1


Carousel #2


Enjoying the scenery at Kennywood

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Lots of people go to Kennywood for pictures. Lots of great photo spots not to mention the carousel that is very nice in pictures.

Not many actually get married there. I think we are the first for Phantom's Revenge. I know there was one on the Jack Rabbit and Thunderbolt.

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Congrats!! That's so awesome!


My dream wedding is to have a small thing like you guys and instead of having all of the fancy (and expensive) reception stuff, I'd rather just a small ceremony in a pavilion at Knoebels and then for the reception everyone goes and enjoys the park. It'd work out great since my girlfriend and I both hate dancing and love Knoebels!

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Well we compromised I wanted the Phantom wedding and she wanted a reception with the "dresses n tuxes" so we got married at 11am at the park (the only time they could hold the ride so we were the first ride of the day) and we had a full reception at 4 pm....

And so what to do between..... Mickey D's

At the reception my good friend owns a hearse so he brought it....What a better way to pose for wedding pictures than with a hearse.


say cheese...burger


Our best Michael Jackson pose


"Get in honey"

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Since our wedding I have gotten my wife to 5 more amusement parks and started her on counting her coaster rides. She claims she has ridden more coaster in the last month than she has in her whole life......... I think I have created a monster.


Replace "coaster" with "wang" (or other euphemism of your choice) and you have comedy gold!

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